Used as an effective and trusted coating solution, thermal spray coatings are used to protect components from exposure to high temperatures, wear, corrosion and oxidation. These coatings can also be used to restore a component part to its original OEM specification.

Thermal spray coatings can be applied in a variety of ways but essentially each process follows the same format.

The feedstock material, either in powder or wire form, is semi-melted down using controlled combustion energy. The heated material stream is then propelled onto the surface of a component using the kinetic energy formed from a gas stream. When the stream hits the surface, the material forms a ‘splat’, which contracts as it cools to form an intimate bond with the surface substrate. It is a continuous process that builds up in layers, resulting in a coating that can withstand severe wear, thermal shock and fatigue.

Key benefits include:

  • Protection against wear, corrosion, fatigue, oxidation and high temperatures
  • Highly controlled process allowing strict regulation of the coating thickness to suit the application
  • Capable of restoring worn parts to original OEM specification
  • Application temperature can be accurately controlled at 150°C or less
  • Wide choice of coating materials including metals, ceramics, alloys, polymers and carbides
  • Use of robotic machines results in a uniform coating on the most complex parts