Subsea Hoses for the Oil and Gas Industry

Parker Polyflex is a specialist manufacturer of an extensive range of hoses, which cover all the advantages offered by thermoplastic technology. We provide hoses in sizes from 2mm up to 3in, continuous lengths over 4,000m and working pressures exceeding 3,000bar.

Wire spiral and aramid-reinforced hoses

Parker supplies wire spiral-reinforced hoses for built-in collapse resistance, ultra-high pressure, extremely low volumetric expansion with a tough "ColorGard" extra-thick outer cover for superior abrasion resistance.

We offer aramid-reinforced, long-length hoses for lightweight umbilicals, which are fully compliant with ISO 13628-5, and working pressures up to 15,000psi, 4:1 safety factors.

Tailored thermoplastic hoses and umbilicals

Parker Polyflex manufactures thermoplastic hoses and umbilicals to meet oil and gas customer demands for longer lengths, higher working temperatures, compatibility with a wide range of chemicals, and working pressures up to 15,000psi with a 4:1 safety factor. The Polyflex division also offers engineering and project support for the optimal designs of hoses, umbilicals and custom-fitting designs.

Cementing / acidising offshore hoses

The 2in and 3in Black Eagle hose offers easy handling, reduced weight, robust design and economic benefits over both rigid and flexible pipes. The new Golden Eagle is designed with improved chemical resistance, especially to cope with concentrations of HCL up to 28%.

Light well intervention / chemical injection hoses

2in and 3in hoses in continuous lengths up to 750m are now used by several well service companies for rigless well stimulation. Easy handling, robust design, availability, and chemical resistance are all factors contributing to the success.

Long-length hoses for annulus / service lines

The long length 1½in hose WP 15,000psi has been adopted for this application to cover functions such as annulus venting, riser clean-up, hydrate control, well kill and scale treatment.

Hose umbilicals / flying leads

Parker Polyflex manufactures both wire and aramid hoses, and is able to offer a wider range of umbilical designs for subsea service.

Hot line hoses

Parker Polyfex's medium pressure ¾in and 1in wire-reinforced hoses are widely used for this safety-critical application. In lengths up to 3,500m, these tough hoses are able to cope with subsea conditions.

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