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Rajant Expands Market Reach with Launch of New Channel Partner Program

Rajant has announced the launch of a channel partner program to grow its customer base worldwide.

With the growing demand for wireless networking solutions that are secure, scalable and able to support a wide range of applications for true mobility, Rajant’s kinetic mesh networking solutions are uniquely positioned for rapid deployment across the globe. The strength of Rajant’s networking infrastructure lies in its ability to support a variety of real-time communication applications, including voice, video and data, with continuous, reliable, high-bandwidth connections across multiple moving assets.

Through its new kinetic mesh partner program, Rajant plans to work closely with authorized distributors and their respective reseller and integrator partners to introduce its kinetic mesh infrastructure to a broader range of customers and vertical markets. With key partners TESSCO Technologies Incorporated, Border States Electric, Hutton Communications, Inc. (Canada) and Scan RF Projects (Africa), Rajant is looking to further accelerate its leadership in the military, mining and oil and gas markets, while expanding into new markets, such as transportation/rail and state/local municipalities and utilities.

TESSCO Technologies Incorporated director of network systems Scott McClure said: "Our customers are increasingly asking us to help them solve difficult networking challenges, often in remote or unconventional locations. Until now, there have been limited viable options for providing our customers with a truly mobile, high-bandwidth wireless solution that is built to withstand the toughest environments. With the addition of Rajant, we can offer a dynamic mesh solution to meet the most demanding mobile networking problems our customers face."

"We are excited to be one of four distributors selected to offer Rajant’s products."

Rajant’s channel partners will have access to its full portfolio of products that together make up its kinetic mesh networking infrastructure, featuring its proven, ruggedized BreadCrumb® mesh nodes. The nodes, along with Rajant’s InstaMesh® routing software, form an ultra-reliable, self-healing network that is capable of handling a variety of applications. The kinetic mesh networking infrastructure provides end users with the necessary capacity, reliability and scalability to keep all their critical applications running, including voice, video and data management applications.

Border States business development manager Michael Woods said: "Service excellence is what we do at Border States; we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of customers looking for a rugged, scalable solution that that can provide reliable, real-time connectivity to high-value assets and Rajant will help us provide high-quality products. We are excited to be one of four distributors selected to offer Rajant’s products; its kinetic mesh networking technology provides us with a scalable, rapidly deployable solution to replace outdated systems without a complete overhaul of the existing network."

Rajant sales and marketing vice-president Kirk Byles said: "As a proven leader in mesh networking solutions for more than a decade, we see the opportunity to leverage a very strong channel of wireless resellers and integrators as the next logical step in our company and product acceleration roadmap. With their varied areas of expertise, we believe that we have assembled the highest-quality channel partners that will help grow our customer base."

The Rajant kinetic mesh partner program is strategically designed to help its partners professionally specify, design and install Rajant kinetic mesh solutions. Through Rajant’s tiered partner program, resellers will have access to multiple levels of training, technical resources and marketing and sales tools to help drive and close sales at every stage. To learn more about how to become a Rajant partner, please visit http://www.rajant.com/partners.

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