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PEMA to Supply Processing Lines to Keppel FELS

robotic profile processing line

Welding automation specialist Pemamek Oy Ltd has received a contract to supply two PEMA robotic profile processing lines to Keppel FELS’ Singapore yard.

Keppel FELS has constantly invested in increasing productivity and the capabilities of its rig production process. The new addition to the company’s production machinery is high-capacity welding automation equipment.

The line includes cutting and marking features and automatic palletising systems. The new profile processing system supports the modern panel line, which is currently under delivery, but also provides profile processing capacity to various other needs of the yard.

In addition to the panel line, PEMA previously delivered a supportive micro panel line for manufacturing oil rigs.

High-efficiency requirements

To support the high requirements for the production and even raise the standards, Pemamek has been contracted by Keppel FELS to implement its flexible PEMA technology in the yard’s rig production to ensure high productivity and quality.

Commitment to customer needs

Seng Chong deputy shipyard manager Mr Ng said: "PEMA is a reliable partner and we are pleased that it has presented creative new solutions to enhance our operations. The company has the proven technology and ability to deliver the right solutions to meet our needs."

This contract is the third between Keppel and Pemamek in a year: Keppel Offshore & Marine’s new yard in Baku, Azerbaijan also acquired a panel line system in early 2012.

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