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PEMA to Build the Largest Robotic Heavy Welding Station in Europe

Pemamek has agreed on the design, construction and delivery of a heavy robotic welding station for the Norwegian heavy winch manufacturer IP Huse. After commissioning in October 2011, IP Huse will own and operate the largest heavy robotic welding station in Europe for the manufacture of large winch drum assemblies for AHTS vessels.

The scope of the delivery is a complete robotic welding station, including two Yaskawa-Motoman welding robots both on X-Y-Z type three-axis robot positioners, a heavy PEMA two-axis positioner for the drum assemblies, and two sets of Lincoln Electric PowerWave MAG welding equipment. The maximum diameter of the work-pieces is 6m and the maximum weight is 35,000kg. The welding method is multi-layer welding with weld sizes from a5 to a13.

The station will be controlled by parametrised by PEMA WeldControl Programming. Also, IP Huse’s existing off-line programming software can be utilised if necessary. The delivery also includes a safety system, operator training package as well as commissioning and start-up of the station.

Located on the island of Harøy, Norway, IP Huse, the world leader in designing and building large winches for anchor handling vessels (AHTS).Specialised in manufacturing heavy equipment, the company also supplies winches and mooring equipment to FPSOs, SPARs and corresponding hull and vessel-shaped installations from its new workshop with modern machinery.

Main customers are shipyards, shipowners and oil companies. The company operates in close co-operation with Rolls-Royce Marine, and has a current workforce of about 130 employees.

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