Subsea pig launcher

Subsea engineering solutions provider Balltec has designed and deployed a new and innovative subsea PIG launcher, another world’s first for the company. The subsea PIG launcher complements other tools and services currently available within Balltec’s pipeline solutions business.

The flangeless subsea PIG launcher facilitates the insertion of a PIG into a cut pipe during subsea operations and includes an ROV activated grip and sealing arrangement that negates the need for any additional fixings or flanges to be added to the pipe.

The Subsea PIG Launcher can be used in partnership with the Balltec’s PipeLOK pipeline recovery tools that already incorporate gas and liquid injection functionality. When used in combination, the launch and recovery system can recover isolated pipe sections that previously would not have been recoverable.

The subsea PIG launcher is designed for multiple subsea operations and is available in a range of sizes and configurations.