the world's largest ball and taper-based dewatering pipeline recovery tool in service

Pipeline solutions specialist Balltec has been contracted by Allseas to supply a 44in PipeLOK™ pipeline recovery tool to the Shell Wheatstone Project, based 200km offshore Onslow, Western Australia. Wheatstone is an offshore central processing platform that enables a combined production capability of approximately 8.9 million tonnes of LNG and domestic gas per annum.

The 44in PipeLOK tool is the world’s largest ball and taper-based dewatering pipeline recovery tool in service. It has been specifically designed for the Wheatstone Project, and includes some advanced features that have not previously featured in the Balltec stock.

The tool combines the PipeLOK dewatering system with an air let-outlet system and a hot stab interface. The tool is on hire for the pipe laying phase of the Wheatstone project due to commence later in 2014.

Balltec sales and marketing director Martin Bell said: "It is becoming increasingly common for our clients to specify additional features from the PipeLOK tooling. Balltec has the knowledge and expertise to manufacture customised PipeLOK systems to include injection systems, advanced de-watering systems and cope with the increased SWL requirements of deep and ultra-deep recoveries."

Balltec Managing Director Russell Benson said: Over the last 10 years Balltec has made over 150 live pipe recoveries using the PipeLOK system. Our unblemished track record, reliable technology and team of experienced offshore technicians make Balltec the world’s leading expert in pipeline recovery tools and the company of choice for planned and unique recoveries."

Balltec owns, designs, tests, and manufactures PipeLOK tooling. The company operates the world’s largest fleet of pipeline recovery and abandonment tools, with stock tools ranging in sizes from 4in to 48in over a range of SWLs up to 1,500t.