GE Extends Family of Portable, Wireless X-Ray Detectors for Industrial Applications with DXR250U-W

GE’s Measurement & Control business has introduced the DXR250U-W to its DXR family of wireless, digital X-ray detectors. Combining GE’s unrivalled wealth of experience and expertise in medical and industrial radiography, the portable detector demonstrates the company’s continued investment in digital radiography, and brings universal inspection capabilities to medium and large objects.

The DXR250U-W large-area detector provides the oil & gas, power generation and general engineering sectors with a wireless and battery-operated technology solution that supports versatile, instant radiographic inspection and review across a wide range of field applications.

  • With a 16in x 16in imager, the DXR250U-W detector weighs just 5kg (11lb) and has a thickness of 26mm (1.02in), providing flexibility and visibility in challenging spaces. Designed to withstand the harshest industrial environments, the device is quickly deployed in some of the most demanding field conditions, providing easy access to otherwise hard-to-reach and is also ideal for the inspection of medium- to large-sized objects
  • Easily adaptable for a wide range of inspection configurations, the DXR250U-W can be wirelessly connected and battery powered or tethered to a convenient industrial laptop and powered by a portable industrial power supply
  • When used with GE’s Rhythm RT DR Acquisition software, a premium image can be displayed in real-time to assess corrosion / erosion or identify flaws in welds. A wireless dashboard includes tools to determine detector connectivity and to monitor conditions such as wireless signal strength and battery power status
  • Reports can also be printed on-site using GE Rhythm Report Generator and DICONDE-compliant images can be transmitted to a remote Rhythm Review station for further analysis. All data can be stored using Rhythm Archive

"GE is committed to using the newest technology to provide the most versatile solutions for the widest range of inspection activities," said Martin Sauerschnig, product manager, radiography for GE’s Measurement & Control, a GE Oil & Gas division.

"The expansion of the DXR series to include a universal wireless solution will facilitate the inspection of larger objects, as well as in-field conversion from film to digital radiography by enabling shorter exposure times, instant image reviews and reduced shooting times. The addition of DXR250U-W greatly increases user productivity while improving field safety."

Engineered for ease of operation, the DXR250U-W is shock-protected, weather-proof and available with an optional hard cover for additional ruggedness. Additionally, GE offers a full set of industrial accessories including power supply, tether cable sets, chargers, transport cases and filters to optimise performance for tough field applications.

GE’s Measurement and Control offers a full range of industrial radiographic equipment and techniques.

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