Phoenic v|tome

With the phoenix v|tome|x c, GE offers a compact 320kV / 450kV CT system specially designed for NDT and quality assurance labs in foundries or aerospace applications allowing both, combined semi-automated NDT and 3D metrology.

The low maintenance and production oriented design features like easy loading tools, barcode reader etc., as well as the new one-button | CT automatisation functionality make the system a very efficient tool for industrial quality assurance.

The system offers industry leading sample size, flexibility and maximum penetration power for high absorbing at 450 kV. It is available with a line detector for high quality fan beam CT with reduced artifacts caused by scattered radiation.

Alternatively, it comes with a digital detector array for high-throughput cone beam CT or a combination of both detectors.

Key features

  • Compact 320kV / 450kV Computed Tomography (CT) system for statistical production process control
  • Maximum 3D scanning area max. 500mm x 1,000mm
  • Granite based manipulation system for highly repeatable, precise 3D measurements referring to VDI 2630 guideline
  • CT performance specified referring to ASTM E 1695 guideline
  • Robust, small footprint design for production control with low cost of ownership
  • High efficiency ease of use due to one-button | CT
  • Crane for fast and ergonomic handling of heavy samples up to 50kg (110lb)