New Ultra-Powerful DMS Go+ Thickness Gauge from GE Features Easy-to-Use Arrow Keypad Control

The new, handheld DMS Go+ from GE’s Measurement & Control business features intuitive, easy-to-use arrow keypad control, powerful data management and the latest industrial electronics to provide extremely accurate, reliable and comprehensive thickness inspection data.

It will find application throughout the industrial spectrum, from oil and gas and power generation to aerospace and metals manufacture and is especially applicable for corrosion measurement and monitoring, even on coated components and structure and at high temperatures.

"The new thickness gauge is a natural evolution of GE’s DMS range of instruments," says Johann Klein, product manager at GE.

"It has been designed and developed to meet users’ requirements for a high performance and versatile thickness gauge, which is simple to operate, even in harsh conditions. And with a simple software upgrade it can be used as an advanced portable flaw detector, which means that NDT personnel now need carry only one inspection instrument to perform both accurate and reliable thickness measurement and flaw detection."

Thickness measurement with the new instrument can be performed in a range of modes, including straight thickness, A-scan, B-scan, Min/max and differential. Optional applications software, such as TopCoat technology, also allows measurement of coating thickness as well as metal thickness, while Auto-V measurement enables thickness to be measured on components with unknown sound velocity.

High measurement accuracy, stability, reliability and repeatability are ensured by built-in features including zero cross measurement, automatic gain control and temperature compensation up to 540°C and the DMS Go+ can support virtually any thickness probe using the custom probe set-up feature.

The on-board 2GB data recorder of the instrument has a capacity of hundreds of thousands of readings, with attachment storage, and data, organized in pre-set, custom or advanced file structures, is transferred by a 16GB SD card or via a USB port. Data can be transferred in various file formats to allow easy integration with user data management systems, while compatibility with GE’s UltraMate and UltraMate Lite data management programs allows for comprehensive data analysis and documentation.

Ease of use was a prime design consideration in the development of the robust, IP67-certified DMS Go+. An intuitive arrow keypad ensures positive, digital control of parameter insertion and it can be operated and calibrated by one hand. A ‘Flip’ function allows for use by both left-handed and right-handed operatives.

At just 870g (1.9lb), it is light enough to carry around while a battery with a ten-hour life, which can be recharged on or off-board, provides power for the length of a working day. Operator eyestrain is also reduced by the ergonomically-sized, 800px x 480px display screen, which can be adjusted to provide optimum visibility in various ambient light conditions.

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