water load bags

DOOWIN’s partner Headway Technology has undertaken a boat-lift proof-load testing project using water-load testing weight bags at Destini Shipbuilding Malaysia.

The load-testing project took around five days to complete, and included the inspection of a 600t boat-lift system.

The company prepared all necessary equipment for the proof-load testing operation, such as a sufficient number of water load bags, a filling / discharge water hose and a load cell.

We also arranged manpower, supervisory services and two ways transportation for the equipment, as well as preparing the ringing plan to support the load testing project.

The process of this proof load-testing project was as follows:

  • Set up the boat-lift Gantry Crane
  • Connect the load cell
  • Hang the water load bags into the load cell and set up the water hose
  • Fill up the water load bags and supervise

The success of this proof-load testing project will be determined by the maximum loading capacity that the boat-lift is found able to support. Several brand water load bags were used in this project.

Site project manager Mr. Ong said: "DOOWIN water load bags are comparable with the water weight bags made in UK or Turkey. To a certain extent, it has better design, accessories and performance. "

DOOWIN water load testing weight bags are manufactured in Germany from high-tenacity, PVC-coated polyester fabric using radio frequency welding technology.

Each load test water weight bag is equipped with certified shackles, master-link, webbing straps. The load testing water bags’ capacity ranges from 1t to 100t.

DOOWIN water load testing weight bags are word-class quality, and have been drop-tested at the TUV National Engineering Laboratory; they have also acquired type-test accreditation at the 6:1 safety factor to meet LEEA Guidance 051.

ABS, BV, LR, CCS third party certificates are also available upon request.