DOOWIN marine salvage bags are totally enclosed cylindrical shape design. It is known as enclosed air lift bags, inflatable buoyancy units, or salvage pontoon.

Marine salvage bags are mainly used for buoyancy support, marine salvage and re-floatation operation. Furthermore, we also can use marine salvage bags as buoyancy support pontoons for bridges, floating platforms, dock gates, sunken objects or military equipment. Marine salvage airbags offer an effectual floatation method of reducing the draught of the vessel and lift bag salvage underwater structures. Likewise, these marine airbags also are ideal buoyancy modules for cable or pipeline laying and boat lift air bags.

Why DOOWIN marine salvage bags?

  • Heavy Duty Material – Made of heavy-duty PVC coated polyester fabric. Reach 10,000N/5cm.
  • Conform to IMCA D016 – Design, production and tested complying with IMCA D016 newest edition.
  • Third-Party Certificates – ABS, LR, BV third-party certificate is available upon request.
  • Automatic Relief Valves – Relief valves can open automatically to release inside pressure to prevent burst.
  • Safety Factor 5:1 – Design safety working factor 5:1 at least complying with IMCA D016.
  • RH Seam Welding – We weld all seams by high-frequency welding technology, no glue use.
  • Webbing Harness 7:1 SF – Certificate webbing harness (with 7:1 SF) terminate with end shackles.
  • Resistant Belts – Horizontal resistant belts used to connect each lifting belts to balance weight.