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New Knuckle Boom Crane Design Developed by Kenz Cranes

Knuckle boom crane

Based on proven design crane modules, Kenz recently developed a multipurpose knuckle boom crane.

This knuckle boom will be easy to customise / upgrade, multi-functional and has a strong focus on easy maintenance.

A trusted partner in the offshore industry, Kenz Cranes has provided pedestal mounted cranes for all kinds of offshore structures and vessels for more than 50 years.

As opposed to its contemporaries, this knuckle boom design has the main hoist rope running underneath the knuckle. With its ‘easy to re-reeve’ main boom lift, the hoist rope can be placed over the main boom to handle taller and heavier loads. In addition to this, the main hoist winch can be placed below the deck also at a later stage, which facilitates deeper operations and better vessel stability.

Kenz Cranes can be supplied in accordance with all international standards and are certified by all recognised authorities.

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