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Martin Engineering was founded in 1944. The first product developed was the Vibrolator pneumatic ball vibrator patented by Edwin Peterson. It is still in use today for its original application of promoting the flow of bulk materials. From the beginning, Martin Engineering has been committed to safety, excellence and innovation in bulk-materials handling. Over the years, the company has developed hundreds of products to make the handling of bulk materials cleaner, safer and more productive. It currently holds 134 patents and trademarks globally.

Global bulk materials handling network

To reach its markets around the world, Martin Engineering has established a network of subsidiaries, licensees and representatives. Company business units are located in Mexico, Brazil, China, France, Germany, the UK, South Africa, Turkey, Indonesia and India with licensees in Canada, Australia and Chile. Authorised representatives serve other locations. Vibration Systems and Solutions, a business unit in Michigan, is focused on new-generation applications for vibration in the movement of bulk materials.

Total dust control in bulk handling systems

From the beginning, Martin Engineering has been committed to safety, excellence and innovation in bulk materials handling. Many of the company’s improvements are based on its fundamental belief that in order to have clean, safe and productive bulk materials handling, total material control must be achieved.

Today, Martin Engineering is recognised as the worldwide authority for total dust control in bulk handling systems. Nearly 70 years after Edwin Peterson’s initial efforts, the company he founded remains focused on his vision. Martin Engineering makes the handling of bulk materials cleaner, safer and more productive.

Ethical bulk materials handling

At Martin Engineering, we seek to maintain high ethical standards and a culture that values honesty, integrity and transparency. As a company committed to the highest standards of product safety and customer service, Martin Engineering is driven by what is right for its customers, its employees and the protection of the rights of workers that produce its products.

Martin Engineering is proud to represent and warrant that our products are in compliance with all applicable industry safety regulations. The company has always represented the highest and most consistent quality in the bulk materials handling industry. It continues to lead the industry in providing safe products that are manufactured by workers in a socially responsible environment.

Martin Engineering believes that there’s more to being a leader than producing safe and innovative bulk materials handling products and technologies. The company’s commitment to expand, develop and improve bulk materials handling through innovative solutions is matched only by its passion and dedication to improving the world through responsible citizenship.

A fundamental element of Martin Engineering’s culture is its commitment to operating in smart, sustainable and compassionate ways to improve how the company serves its customers, employees and communities worldwide. Martin Engineering believes that acting responsibly and giving back provides long-term sustainable benefits. The company is confident that maintaining focus on its core beliefs and values means that the future will hold continued growth and success.

Enhancing the Flow of Material

The relationship between the bulk material and the frequency of vibration best suited to stimulate that material is proportional to particle size. As a general rule, the smaller the particle, the better it responds to higher-vibration frequencies.

Conveyor Belt Tracking Systems Reduce Hazards and Spillage

A global leader in bulk material handling solutions offers a family of responsive conveyor belt tracking systems that mitigate misalignment, rather than correcting it after the fact, even on reversing belts, to promote conveyor efficiency and safety. A mistracking belt can contact the mainframe, seriously damaging both the belt and the structure, resulting in excessive spillage and even creating a potential fire hazard.

Martin Engineering Selects New Canadian Distributor

In a move designed to improve customer service and component availability across Canada, two of the region's most respected suppliers have announced an exclusive alliance to deliver bulk material handling solutions.

Vibrator Rental Programme

Martin Engineering has introduced a new rental programme for its line of industrial vibrators designed for vibratory screens such as shale shakers and other solids separation equipment.

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