SeaPlanner, industry specialists and providers of the leading marine monitoring and management solution, and part of SeaRoc Group have been confirmed as the proprietary software for the Gemini offshore wind farm operated by Van Oord.

SeaPlanner has been live on the project since the beginning of 2015 and has been selected for its induction manager, personnel manager and operations manager modules on the Netherlands-based wind farm.

The SeaPlanner system provides the construction team with a complete management and tracking solution for project data and information. This includes personnel and vessel tracking, certification management and also the new ground breaking, online induction module.

To date the project has more than 2,000 personnel registered in the SeaPlanner system and have conducted almost 13,000 transfers onshore and offshore.

SeaPlanner manager Dominic Stratton commented: "SeaPlanner is proud to support the Gemini project. Our robust system allows the team to maintain overall safety and efficiency of the project as a whole. Gemini has over 30 vessels working on the project, meaning the need for a precise and reliable tracking system is imperative."

Marine coordination manager Robert Deen said: SeaPlanner has provided us with the complete visibility required for the complexity of the Gemini project. With a significant amount of personnel and vessel movements, SeaPlanner has enabled us to maintain the highest level of control that is needed. The SeaPlanner development team has provided excellent service and support working closely with us to provide a number of customised software enhancements to optimise our certification management and project workflows."

SeaPlanner is a leading offshore marine management and coordination system, which has currently been used on 726 of the UK’s offshore wind turbines, two thirds of all those deployed in UK waters. The company is preparing for the launch of SeaPlanner 2.0, a fully upgraded version of the software suite which includes enhanced usability and new functionality such as advanced mapping technology.

For more information, please contact SeaRoc.