rosen offshore inspection

Effective inspections of offshore asset such as subsea systems, jacket structures, pipelines and topsides facilities require an enormous amount of effort to conduct.

It is therefore crucial for operators to maximise the information collected and minimise the time required to do so.

At ROSEN, we offer a wide variety of external and internal inspection solutions for pipelines, flexibles, structures, and pressure equipment.

Combining sensitivity with durability and reliability, our in-house developed and manufactured inspection systems deliver accurate and repeatable results, even under the harshest conditions.

Instead of limited spot measurements or time-consuming detailed pipe-wall mapping, ROSEN offers:

  • Electromagnetic Acoustic Technology (EMAT) that enables rapid screening at high sensitivity for both internal and external corrosion, in addition to reliably identifying corrosion under supports.
  • Ultrasonic confirmation by API-570-certified professionals.
  • Technologies such as long-range UT, thermal imaging and flexible pipe annulus volume testing
  • Repairs to aging structures that can be verified by our accredited inspectors.

ROSEN’s inline inspection solutions include both free-swimming and tethered ILI tools as well as powerful autonomous crawler systems, all of which are able to carry the latest high-resolution geometry, including magnetic and ultrasonic sensors through a pipeline.

These systems are also able to successfully navigate pipelines which present various challenges associated with accessibility, negotiability, and propulsion, including those with multiple diameters, offtakes, inlets, wye pieces, heavy walls, high velocity gas, low flow and low pressure, in order to deliver the high-quality results operators depend on.