After almost thirty years of developing weather sensors, we now offer complete integrated weather stations.

With a long history being a favourite with NWS, WMO, system integrators and meteorological departments around the world, OSI’s OWI-432 optical present weather and visibility sensor is now a key sensor in our Modular Automated Weather Observation Systems.

OWI-432 sensors now have expanded processing power to handle added sensor inputs, and enhanced communications options for network, cell phone and VHF interface.

MAWOS is available in FAA II P / III P configurations.

  • Modular Design
  • Based on OWI-432 Present Weather Sensor
  • Easy Installation and integration
  • Advanced scintillation technology
  • Intelligent algorithms (over 200 million hours of field data)
  • Meets NWS, FAA and Canadian guidelines
  • Almost no maintenance. Operates unattended 24/7/365
  • Built-in self-diagnostics and testing