DPS-2 60m PSV Launches

60m DPS-2 platform supply vessel

MAC is pleased to announce the successful launch of the first in a series of 60m DPS-2 platform supply vessels (PSVs), at the company’s partner shipyard Fujian Mawei, located in SE China.

The MAC and Mawei-designed 60m PSV follows on from a series of 9m by 58m PSVs built by MAC over the last eight years, six of which were sold to Stanford Marine in Dubai, where they have been gainfully employed ever since. The new 60m version takes into account all the latest rules and regulations to satisfy class and flag state requirements.

The vessel is built to ABS rules and will be classed as ABS A1, (E) Offshore Support Vessel, FFV-1, SPS, AMS, DPS-2. With 50-man accommodation and an under-deck stiffened and prepared to receive a marine crane, the 60m design is a very versatile contender, having all the usual under-deck fuel, water and bulk capabilities.

MAC has received interest in these vessels from the Middle East, South East Asia and South America.

A Youtube link of the launch is available here.

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