Layher’s Lighweight Scaffolding Solution

Allround scaffolding solution

Layher’s Allround Lightweight modular scaffolding system features increased load-bearing capacity, lighter components and an AUtoLock function for wedge-head connectors.

Layher claims that Allround Lightweight can be assembled 10% quicker than other scaffold systems and transport is 12% more efficient.

Layher’s marketing director Franz Greisinger said: "Since assembly, dismantling and transport still account for 80% of the costs for scaffolding construction, three factors are critically important: design, functionality and component weight."

"Studies have clearly shown that a significant reduction in assembly and dismantling time can be achieved by cutting back on component weight."

To make Allround Lightweight as light as possible, Layher used high-tensile steel to create thinner walls, reducing the wall thickness from 3.2mm to 2.8mm.

A company spokesman said: "Depending on the length of the components, scaffolding erectors have up to 14% less weight to handle when transporting components by truck to the construction site and in scaffolding assembly itself.

"The wall thickness has been reduced in Allround 0-ledgers LW as well, saving up to 1.6kg while increasing bending stress capacity by 24%."

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