Scaffolding Accessories

Layher Scaffolding Accessories - Clamp Poster
Scaffolding accessories

Layher’s wide range of scaffolding accessories and components are flexible and affordable, as well as contribute to the efficient and economical assembly of scaffolding systems.

The range includes:

  • Advance Guardrail: Layher’s guardrails are pre-fixed before operations to prevent falls during the assembly and disassembly of scaffolding
  • Specialty parts: Layher offers 15,000 different specialist parts, including anchors, castors and jacks
  • Clampable rosettes: allows up to eight connections on one level, offering high-strength and rigidity to any scaffolding
  • Brackets and couplers: a wide selection of brackets and scaffolding couplers are available from Layher
  • Edge protection railing clamps: to increase safety on floor slaps and parapets
  • Steel toe boards: for installations in chemical plants and refineries, Layher’s steel toe boards decrease fire load and can be connected to other toe boards
  • Telescopic stabilizers: enable scaffolding assembly without the need to anchor to a façade, making them ideal for paints and plasterers


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