Stairway/access tower

Layher provides a comprehensive range of temporary access and special application stairways. Built using Allround® Scaffolding components with standard layouts of ten, 12 or 16 legs, the company’s stair towers meet all US safety standards.

Layher stairway towers can be used for a range of applications and offer benefits including:

  • Safety: Layher’s all-access systems and stairs meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and building codes for public access and construction
  • High-load capacity: all Layher access systems have a high-load capacity, enabling safer operations at high building altitudes. Varied working platforms are available
  • Quick and easy set-up: a combination of lightweight design and connection technology facilitate the assembly and dismantling processes while maintaining structural integrity
  • Flexibility: Layher stairways and access systems have a modular design for optimal flexibility. The company also offers different exit heights for construction and public stairway towers