Agito, a world leader in providing modelling and simulation of complex dynamic systems, is pleased to announce some significant new libraries in the latest 3.8 and 3.9 releases of the SimulationX® software provided by ESI ITI GmbH. Agito has been a distributor and user of this software in nearly 20 years. And we are proved to say that the SimulationX is now well establishes as a stat of the art software in the oil & gas subsea business.

In the course of the product support for SimulationX, the software receives ongoing updates and improvements. The basis for the continuous development of our software products are the requirements and suggestions from our customers in industry and education. The latest versions of SimulationX 3.9 cover new features, enhancements and extensions of existing functionalities as well as bug fixes.

In version 3.8 six new model libraries as well as numerous extensions of existing model collections pave the way to new application areas and reduce the modeling effort. Besides new elements and features in the traditional areas of mechanics, power transmission, electro mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics, there is the new library Microfluidics allow­ing you to simulate and dimension microperfusion and lab-on-a-chip systems. Efficient computer simulations let you develop and optimize the physiological flow behaviour of blood through different organs with the help of an artificial microcirculatory system.

The clean graphical user interface and parameter dialogs, more options for the vi­sualization of results and faster calculation methods are only some of the benefits beginners and longstanding SimulationX users alike will appreciate

New Libraries in version 3.8:

  • Belt Drives (MBS): Reliable analyses of three-dimensional belt and rope drives
  • Hydraulic Brake Systems: Efficient development of brake systems for vehicles
  • Green City: Efficient energy systems for urban districts
  • Non-Newtonian Fluids: Simulation of hydraulic systems with non-Newtonian fluid properties
  • Microfluidics: Virtual testing and dimensioning of microperfusion and lab-on-a-chip systems for toxicological and pharmacological analyses
  • Hydraulic Lubrication: Reliable lubrication systems for transmissions and piston engines

Belt drives (MBS)

Reliable analyses of three-dimensional belt and rope drives

High-precision handling of complex rope and belt assem­blies, such as offshore heave compensation, requires ac­curate controls and clever engineering. Also in cranes, cable cars, in drives and during processing band-shaped materials, three-dimensional forces and vibrations act on the machinery.

Create detailed simulation models of three-dimensional rope and belt drives or winders and evaluate all interactions between belt or rope, input, output and controls efficiently and with ease. The simulation takes the belt’s elasticity, slack, slip between belt and pulley, vibration influences, the kinetic energy and the belt’s geometry into account. The properties of components can be parameterized conveniently with catalogue and design data. Make use of the 3D view to check your model and to present your results.

Non-Newtonian fluids

Simulation of hydraulic systems with non-Newtonian fluid properties

Blood, shampoo, lotions, ketchup, drilling mud, polymer solutions and polymer melts, adhesives and paint: All these fluids and suspensions have completely different fluid prop­erties than ordinary Newtonian fluids, such as water, oil, gas­oline or alcohol. Consequently, the behaviour of both element groups can differ significantly in technical hydraulic systems. The new library Non-Newtonian Fluids comes with all sorts of crucial base elements including lines, throttles, shear stress and fluid inertia allowing for any kind of non-Newtonian fluid system to be modelled and simulated. Fluid properties can be specified with various models including Power-Law, Bing­ham, Herschel-Bulkley or Casson.

In version 3.9 the following new libraries and features should be noticed:

  • 3 new libraries and more than 100 extensions
  • Improved calculation methods and enhanced results visualization
  • Faster modeling, calculation, and analysis
  • Higher performance while handling large models

Highlights from 3.9

Holistic simulation solution for the development of efficient and reliable electric vehicles. These features primarily designed for ground transportation and urban planning, combine the influence of thermal behaviour, cooling systems on the energy consumption, along with battery aging simulations or electrical and electromechanical systems evaluation. This 3.9 solution also incorporates torsional vibration analyses in the powertrain.

Discrete controller

Simulate discrete controllers efficiently with Modelica’s synchronous language elements.

Simulations in new dimensions as easy handling of large system models and variation calculations with exceptional performance has been established.

Simulation Task Manager – a new and powerful tool for automated simulations allows for parameter studies in the time and frequency domains as well as for calculations of natural frequencies and mode shapes. Multiple instances of SimulationX can be used simultaneously for such purposes. A project can include different types of calculations and models. It is also possible to perform variation calculations with executable models that were created through Code Export. The task manager offers various options for easy calculations and result interpretation. The Simulation Task Manager is a separate application which can be run from within SimulationX or as standalone tool.

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