Agito, a provider of modelling and simulation of complex dynamic systems, is pleased to announce significant new improvements in the latest 4.1 releases of the SimulationX® software provided by ESI ITI GmbH.

The latest versions of SimulationX 4.1 contain new features, enhancements and extensions of existing functionalities, as well as bug fixes. By using Simulation X, you can model, simulate and optimise your technical systems for a range of applications with a high level of detail. Our latest updates are as follows.

User experience:

  • E-Learning
  • Updated ribbon user interface
  • Save option to include global types (libraries) in ISX files

Analysis platform:

  • New “model” library with various pre- and post-processing tools
  • Ordercuts and spectrogram for vibration analyses
  • Optimising and fitting parameters
  • 2D map creation for evaluating variant studies

System reliability analysis:

  • Integrate behaviour deviating from the nominal condition in system simulations

Co-simulation interfaces:

  • Co-simulation interfaces for Siemens® PLCSIM Advanced™

Extended model libraries and modules:

  • Economic analyses in system simulations
  • New centrifugal pump model in hydraulics libraries
  • New symbols for the pneumatics libraries
  • New analysis and presentation tools in the belt and pipe conveyors library.
  • Efficient computing
  • Creating clocked control systems
  • Modelica state machines

In the course of the product support for SimulationX, the software receives ongoing updates and improvements. We continually develop our software products through the requirements and suggestions of our customers across industry and education.

We have been a distributor and user of this software for more than 20 years.  SimulationX is now well established as a state of the art software in the oil and gas subsea sector.

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