Agito, the distributor of SimulationX® software for the offshore / subsea
industry, announces that SimulationX has taken the next step to providing a
complete simulation software package for subsea applications.

The SimulationX subsea library is fully tested and has been used on several
projects by oil and gas companies and subsea equipment suppliers.

For years SimulationX software has been successfully used for simulation
of subsea systems application. The libraries have been continually developed
to meet the growing needs of the industry; for example, the addition of the
hydraulic fluids library. Now, using our subsea analysis experience and
client feedback, the subsea specific library has been developed.

The subsea library comes with extensive user documentation with detailed description of the elements and their dynamical properties.

Using the subsea library from SimulationX the model is easy to work with, even with several
branches and multiple X-mas trees. The results reflect real systems at a high level of accuracy and are
used worldwide for engineering / verification of large subsea systems.

For more information about subsea specific simulation software, visit our website or contact us.