Agito, the world-wide distributor of SimulationX software for the offshore/subsea industry, is pleased to announce that ITI, a leading supplier of virtual engineering solutions, has released SimulationX 3.1.

SimulationX 3.1 provides the user with comprehensive new developments in the fields of model management, range of model libraries, transient and steady-state simulation in time and frequency domains, status visualisation, performance analysis and result interpretation. With this new release ITI responds to the increasing demand for a solid simulation tool.

Enhancements in SimulationX 3.1

Model libraries in 1D and 3D mechanics as well as powertrain engineering have been extended by a number of new elements that further improve software functionality. With the help of the integrated multibody camera, the dynamic behaviour of components and 3D systems can be traced more precisely.

To further integrate SimulationX into the whole product development process the new release comes with improved interfaces. The external model interface (EMI), for instance, allows the protected transmission of SimulationX models with user-defined data input and output. The exchange of SimulationX models between OEM and supplier can be done without revealing intellectual property. The ‘CodeExport’ option supports the automatic generation of data that can be directly used for hardware-in-the-loop (HiL), software-in-the-loop (SiL), or rapid control prototyping (RCP) applications. Other supported target project types include the DS1006 system by dSPACE and SCALE-RT by Cosateq.

State charts are a common tool to specify control processes. The SimulationX ‘StatechartDesigner’ is an integrated system used for the effective description of such sub models with the help of algorithms, equations and graphical modelling. Algorithms and equations for state charts are thereby directly modelled by using UML-conform diagrams. Due to the immediate visualisation of state transitions during calculation and animation, potential weak points can be detected earlier so that effort and expenses for modelling and testing are reduced.

SimulationX – the driving force in system simulation

SimulationX, the driving force in system simulation, determines the level of modelling, simulating and optimising in complex technical systems. The software models the interaction of components from a multitude of domains including their mutual interaction and feedback. This significantly distinguishes SimulationX from any other kind of CAE software (FEM, CFD, MBS).

SimulationX is a standard software tool for valuation of the interaction of all components of technical systems on one platform. It is the universal CAE tool for modelling, simulating and analysing physical effects, with ready-to-use model libraries for 1D mechanics, 3D multi-body systems, power transmission, hydraulics, pneumatics, thermodynamics, electrics, electrical drives, magnetics as well as controls – post-processing included. SimulationX fully supports Modelica® language and offers a wide range of open, comprehensive CAx-interfaces.