Agito and Gordon Haldane have joined forces and started Agito Technical Dynamics Limited in the UK. Agito Technical Dynamics specialises in the modeling and simulation of complex dynamic systems specifically for the offshore / subsea industry.

Agito, located in the heart of Norway’s subsea industry, is an innovative engineering company with more than 15 years of modelling, simulation and analysis experience. Gordon Haldane has more than 30 years of hydraulic experience; 16 years within the UK oil and gas industry, providing specification, design, manufacturing assistance and integration of subsea electro-hydraulic control systems. Together they will meet the increasing demand for dynamic analysis in the UK and ensure that clients receive local representation.

Agito Technical Dynamics has the resources available to complete hydraulic, electrical, mechanical and fluid analyses. In addition they are a distributor of SimulationX® software for the offshore / subsea industry in Great Britain.

SimulationX software is the universal CAE tool that is the trendsetter in physical system simulation. This software tool is unique in terms of library integration, modelling comfort and flexibility with an up-to-date user front end. With standard subsea components it has been specifically designed to meet the needs of our industry. Using the subsea library from SimulationX the model is easy to work with, even with several branches and multiple X-mas trees. The results reflect real systems at a high level of accuracy and are used worldwide for engineering / verification of large subsea systems.