Frialit®-Degussit® Oxide Ceramics Ceramic Components for Radar and Microwave Technics - Offshore Technology | Oil and Gas News and Market Analysis
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Frialit®-Degussit® Oxide Ceramics Ceramic Components for Radar and Microwave Technics

Friatec has developed an alumina ceramic for application in radar and microwave technologies. Because of its excellent electrical and mechanical properties the material can be used in high-grade microwave screens and high frequency filters. Products made from AL23 hf are applied with great success as microwave windows and antennas in radar measuring systems and for applications with special requirements to compression and temperature stability.

Other possible applications for AL23 hf include components for isolators and supports in the telecommunication industry e.g. communication antennas, amplifiers, high frequency filters, and electronic equipment for antenna systems. Examples for further applications include systems for acceleration of pharmaceutical production processes, microwave heating equipment systems, sensors, and analytical instruments.

Frialit®-Degussit® AL23 hf offers extraordinary qualities such as:

  • AL23 hf has a high optical fraction value compared to other materials like glass or plastics. Because of that the microwaves can be focused and better controlled. The components can be concentrated and therefore can very easily be integrated in smaller units.
  • Because of its high dielectric constant, (ε=9,8) and low dielectric loss factor (tan&#948:= 10 -4) a AL23 hf offers the possibility to realize microwave resonators with high-grade quality and temperature stability in manageable component sizes.
  • AL23 hf is temperature (up to 1950°C) and wear resistant, and has a very high form stability and with 5,7 ppm / K (20 – 100°C) a low thermal expansion.
  • AL23 hf has a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) permit and is therefore qualified and ideally suited to application involved in the food and pharmaceutical processing industry.

In addition to AL23 hf, FRIATEC AG produces and supplies SiO2-glass in various qualities for hybrid constructions.

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