Within the offshore & subsea industry, the process & chemical industry, the pulp & paper and the food & drug industry for exampel by filling, dosage, mixing and fermentation of liquid and high viscose products, also in nonhomogeneous liquids containing particles and crystals, are ceramic products today employed with great success. Example of components are valves (precision balls, seats, slide etc), piston pumps (piston, plunger and cylinder) sliding bearings, rolling bearings, rotor details etc.

In comparison with other materials for example acid-resisting or hard chromium-plated steel, the ceramic FRIALIT ceramic materials offers unique advantages such as:

  • Excellent resistance to chemical attacks
  • High hardness and resistance to wear
  • Good resistance to thermal chock
  • Highly suitable for the offshore and subsea, pulp and paper, chemical, and food and drug industries
  • Easy to clean (CIP, SIP)
  • Highest precision
  • Low specific gravity (approx. half the gravity comparing to steel)
  • Certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA ) NFA (Svenska Livsmedelsverket) and BGA (BundesGesundheitsAmt

These characteristics gives longer lifetime with decreasing maintenance costs and less stops.

The products are manufactured by FRIATEC AG, Mannheim, which have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high tech ceramics. Glynwed AB, Sweden, is the sales division for technical ceramics of FRIATEC AG for the Nordic countries.