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Glynwed and Friatec at the ONS Exhibition

Glynwed Scandinavia is a part of the Aliaxis-conglomerate along with Friatec, one of the most well-known and leading manufacturers of high-performance technical ceramic components for the industry. The products are manufactured from high purity ceramic materials: aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide and silicon nitride. The Frialit Degussit ceramic materials are known for high performance, reliability and longer lifetime.

At the ONS exhibition, 28 to 31 August 2012, Glynwed will present products of highly sophisticated and innovative Frialit Degussit ceramic materials and products in Hall J, Stand 1044.

Glynwed and Friatec have many years of experience in ceramic products for electrical and engineering applications. Glynwed has applied this collected experience and know-how on their products and solutions for the offshore and subsea market. Together with their customers, they develop suitable tailor-made constructions for special purposes.

At the ONS exhibition this year, Glynwed will focus on electro-technology, where Glynwed/Friatec manufactures a wide variety of ceramic-to-metal seals, lincluding ceramic high pressure/high voltage penetrators, connectors, different types of sensors as well as other ceramic-to-metal assemblies. The ceramic penetrators are designed to operate under high pressure together with high voltage, high power and high or low temperature in corrosive environments.

According to the customer application parameters, Glynwed will carefully find the right material combination of their ceramics together with the best suited metals, layers and alloys. Glynwed use highly insulating ceramics of the utmost quality in their components. Glynwed and Friatec’s experienced teams in the assembly, development and design departments have the required know-how and experience in connecting ceramics to various metals with different brazing technologies.

Penetrators can be produced with one or more pins, a ceramic insulator and a metal housing, all brazed together to make a hermetically sealed electrical feed-through or connector. The ceramic insulator consists of highly insulating 99.7% aluminium oxide Frialit F99.7. Depending on the application parameters, and if required, any of their other ceramic materials may be used.

Glynwed’s ceramic-to-metal assemblies are suitable in numerous applications including subsea systems, high pressure oil systems and vacuum and instrument systems, where you have pressure up to 2,000 bar. Whether you have high voltage, high power or high pressure or all of them together, Glynwed tries to find a solution.

Glynwed has vast experience and know-how also for mechanical engineering applications in components including: pistons and plungers for high pressure pumps, impellers, precision balls for valves or bearing applications, other valve components like seats and discs, slide bearings, full ceramic or hybrid ball and roller bearings, casings, shafts, seal rings, bushings and axial sleeves, nozzles, flow meters, multi phase meters and much more. The components have excellent resistant to wear, erosion and corrosion.

Glynwed Scandinavia is responsible for technical advice, sales and distribution in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

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