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Temperature Resistant Oxide-Ceramic Materials for the Glass Industry

Glynwed/Friatec’s high temperature resistant Frialit®-Degussit® oxide-ceramics Al2O3 and ZrO2 with their unique physical and chemical properties posses the qualities necessary for high temperature usage in business areas such as the glass industry.

High temperature resistant oxide ceramics are characterized by the following:

  • High operating temperatures of up to 1950°C
  • High geometrical stability and creep-resistance
  • High corrosion resistance

Due to the chemical properties of aluminium oxide, the high operating temperatures and the excellent geometric stability along with its electrical, mechanical and other thermal properties, there are many areas of application for products made of aluminium oxide.

Listed below are some of the more important areas of application within the high temperature industry, where aluminium oxide has been successfully used:

  • Conduit and capillary tubes for thermal coupling
  • Carriers for thermal conductors
  • Gas diffusion tube
  • Firing carriers for furnaces
  • Furnace parts
  • Crucibles, annealing pots and ships for smelts, decomposition and thermal analysis
  • Staves

ZrO2 has similar chemical characteristics to Al2O3, but with a greater bending strength and impact resistance. It has a much lower thermal conductivity and can therefore also be used as a thermal barrier. With this in mind, the areas of application for Al2O3 are also pertinent to ZrO2.

Furthermore, the permeability to oxygen ions found in yttrium stabilized ZrO2 in a wide range of temperatures, is utilized as an oxygen probe in gasses and smelts as well as a regulator for incinerators.

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