FRIATEC Exhibited High Tech Ceramics at the ACHEMA Fair 11–15 May 2009 in Frankfurt - Offshore Technology | Oil and Gas News and Market Analysis
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FRIATEC Exhibited High Tech Ceramics at the ACHEMA Fair 11–15 May 2009 in Frankfurt

FRIATEC AG in Mannheim is one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic products for industry and chemical technology. At the Achema Fair, 11–15 May, FRIATEC exhibited products and informed customers about different applications for the chemical field and process industry.

There are a large range of products and solutions in innovative FRIALIT®-DEGUSSIT®-materials for many different applications. Together with their customers, FRIATEC follows individual development of products, units and systems.

Among other products, pump units for dispensers, pipettes and dosing pumps out of the material FRIALIT F99,7 were exhibited at the fair. A play of 2–5 µm pistons can be passed in cylinders without any sealing and cleaning and sterilising is easily possible.

Ceramic slide bearings are a further field of application for magnetic driven mixer in pharmaceutical and biotechnical processes. After years of tests and serial productions, the ceramics of FRIATEC proved good through their high wear resistance, even in a corrosive environment.

The special material, FRIALIT FZM/K, is used for endoscope- and resectoscope points because of its good sliding qualities. Endoscope points out of FRIALIT high tech ceramic are an excellent alternative for a plastic point.

An important precondition for medical and food industrial applications is the FDA-licence. The oxide ceramic materials of FRIATEC are tested and admitted according to FDA-rules.

Because of the projecting qualities of the ceramic materials and products, there is a large range of applications within pharmaceutics and human medicine.

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