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Large Components made of FRIALIT®-DEGUSSIT®-Oxide Ceramics

The well-established FRIALIT®-DEGUSSIT® oxide ceramic materials have been proven in industry for decades. Wear and corrosion, often the decisive factors regarding the product life of equipment and machines, could be significantly reduced by the use of FRIALIT®-DEGUSSIT®. Over the years, the geometry of components has grown and FRIATEC AG todays sees an increasing demand for larger components, particularly for those machine parts which are in contact with the medium in high pressure pumps, and work under extreme conditions regarding corrosion, wear and temperature. Products such as pistons, plungers, bearings and wear-strips are used very successfully; moreover, FRIATEC AG has achieved maximum dimensions of Ø 200 and lengths up to 1200 mm.

FRIATEC AG can now offer the following FRIALIT®-DEGUSSIT® materials for these large components:

  • FRIALIT® F99.7 (Al2O3 99.7%)
  • FRIALIT® FZM (MgO stab. ZrO2, MgPSZ)
  • FRIALIT® FZT (Al2O3 + ZrO2, ZTA)

In comparison with conventional materials, FRIALIT®-DEGUSSIT® oxide ceramics offer the following outstanding characteristics:

  • High strength and shape accuracy
  • Extreme wear resistance
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Excellent corrosion resistance against aggressive media
  • High temperature resistance up to almost 1800°C
  • Resistance against molten materials
  • Very high electrical insulating properties
  • FDA-approval regarding food contact
  • Excellent surface finish and low friction
  • Large wall thickness possible
  • Can be used for applications with abrading and sliding stresses without lubricant

These large components made of FRIALIT®-DEGUSSIT® materials are applied for example as crucibles, high temperature components and parts in fuel cells and piezo linear motors, as well as in the oil production, petrochemical, galvanizing and water treatment industries, hydroelectric power plants and steel works.

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