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FRIALIT® Ceramic Components for Sensors

FRIATEC manufactures high quality parts made from FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT, ceramics for applications involving complex and demanding requirements. The sensor technology is an interesting, ever growing area often requiring the use of ceramics. For example:

Pressure sensors: Analysers made from FRIALIT F99.7 for pressure sensors and pressure transducers are applied today for temperatures ranging from -50 to + 150 °C and for pressures up to several 100 bar (depending on the design). The membranes are manufactured at a thickness of 0.2 mm and measure up to 80 mm across. Glas or active soldering may be used to join the ceramic parts. The materials for the electrodes are chosen in line with customer requirements. The analysers can be used in the chemical industry, the food and pharmaceutical industry, the petrochemical industry as well as in space travel.

Microwaves and radar sensors for contact free measurements: FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT products are used increasingly in sensor systems for material analysis and as a window and aerial for level indication. Due to their optical features it is possible, when using aluminium oxide DEGUSSIT AL23hf, to focus microwaves more precisely than when using other materials, e.g. glas or plastic. Smaller component measurements can now be realised.

Ceramic analysers with sintered platinum electrodes for magneticallly inductive flowmeters have been developed in close co-operation between FRIATEC and another manufacturer. These products provide precise analysing results and top reliability in the application for e.g. bottling plants in the drinks industry.

Capacitive level analysing plants: ceramic sensor components and sensor rings (partially metallised and soldered) for the capacitive analysis of the ambient media are very successfully applied in the off shore industry for the pressure range up to 1000 bar. Such systems allow for the exact determination of the proportion of different substances in liquid and gaseous media.

Oxygen sensors: Due to its special structural features, the material circonoxide FZY is a tried and tested material for measuring the proportion of oxygen in gases and molten mass, for the regulation of incineration, carbonisation and glas melting processes and for the supervision of pure gas atmospheres as e.g. in the manufacturing of food.

The particular features of the ceramic materials by FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT for sensors are:

  • Low product dimensions
  • Low hysteresis of the measuring signals up to the range of 0.05 % resulting in high reproducability of the measuring results
  • Great natural stability
  • High resistance to corrosive and abrasive attack
  • FDA licence

FRIATEC achieves optimum and reliable problem solutions through continual development of materials and products in close co-operation with its customers.

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