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GLYNWED / FRIATEC at the ONS-Exhibition

FRIATEC, established in 1863, is one of most well known and leading manufacturers of high performance technical ceramic components for the industry. Our products are manufactured from high purity ceramic materials: aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, boron carbide, etc.

The FRIALIT® -DEGUSSIT®- ceramic materials are known for high performance, reliability and longer lifetime owing to the following characteristics:

  • High mechanical strength even at high temperatures
  • Extremely resistant to wear and corrosion
  • Excellent resistant to chemical attack
  • Low specific gravity
  • Highly suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical and food processing machinery -certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA)
  • Excellent properties for electrical and thermal resistance
  • Stability at high temperatures up to 1,950°C

At the ONS-EXHIBITION, between the 22th and the 25th of August 2006, Glynwed will present products of technological highly sophisticated and innovative FRIALIT® – DEGUSSIT®- ceramic materials and products in Hall J Stand 921.

Glynwed exhibited a large variety of ceramic products and problem solutions applicable to more than 150 different areas of use within the industry. Our main focus is to individually develop plants and systems together with the customer.

At the ONS-Exhibition Glynwed mainly showed products for offshore applications and plants as well as for subsea use. Components for wear and corrosion applications such as pump-, dosage- and filling components (bushings, casings, shafts, pistons, plumbers, cylinders etc.) and flow meters was presented. Other products including slide bearings, valve components (precision balls, seats, shafts, valve discs etc,) protection- and wear surfaces and many more.

We are specialised in connecting ceramic and metal where metal parts are strengthened by ceramic in zones exposed to abrasion – and corrosion. Various connection methods were presented, such as shrinking, soldering, brazing, gluing and sintering. By wrapping ceramics in metal even the “fear” of thrust- and fracture sensibility by ceramics will disappear.

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