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Operators of offshore oil and gas platforms require marking systems, namely aids to navigation and helideck and obstruction lighting packages that are certified for installation in gas hazardous areas, and are capable of functioning reliably with minimum energy demands and maintenance in harsh environments.

Due to almost 40 years of experience, Orga has detailed knowledge of national and international standards, regulations and recommendations including IALA, ICAO, CAP437, NORMAM-27 and Norsokand, and the hazardous area requirements of the IEXec, ATEX and INMETRO directives. We provide the optimum solution for the project's requirements, and deliver high quality and low energy consuming products with low lifecycle costs. Our systems are reliable and long-lasting with service intervals of up to 15 years.

Helideck lighting

The CAA (UK) recommendations (CAP437 - Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas) must be followed for the safe marking of offshore helidecks in the UK and other countries that follow these recommendations.

Orga's helideck lighting product range meets the demanding requirements of regulators, clients and environmental conditions.

L85EX-G helideck perimeter light

The L85EX-G helideck perimeter light has the following properties:

  • Green
  • 30 candela (cd)
  • LED (100,000 average life)

The green 30cd LED perimeter light should be equally spaced around the perimeter of the safe landing area at intervals of not more than 3m.

L425EX helideck status light

The L425EX helideck status light has the following properties:

  • Low power consumption
  • Low profile
  • Low maintenance

The new L425EX LED status light has very low power consumption, is less than 250mm in height and can be mounted directly on the helideck. It is activated directly from the fire and gas.

HWC2000EX-MkII illuminated windsock

The HWC2000EX-MkII illuminated windsock has the following properties:

  • Internally illuminated
  • Optional aeronautical obstruction light available

An internally illuminated windsock should be positioned so as to indicate the wind conditions at the offshore location.

HTP100EX-Y/G helideck lighting system

The HTP100EX-Y/G Circle-H helideck lighting system has the following properties:

  • Low power consumption
  • Highly durable

Our recently-developed touchdown/positioning marking and heliport identification (Circle-H) lighting system improves safety during night flights. It is designed to reduce the 'black-hole' effect, as well as glare caused by helideck floodlighting systems.

Orga is pleased to offer a new generation of lighting system that addresses all the main helideck-approaching problems of today by illuminating the touchdown circle and helipad 'H' identification marking.

HFL010EX-XE helideck floodlight

The HFL010EX-XE helideck floodlight has the following properties:

  • Efficient xenon light source
  • Compact design (<250mm)

The HFL010EX-XE floodlight is an explosion-proof helideck floodlight to provide illumination for personnel and equipment movement, whilst still being able to be mounted directly on the helideck due to its compact design.

L85EX-R aeronautical obstruction lights

The L85EX-R aeronautical obstruction lights have the following properties:

  • Red
  • 10cd, 30cd, 50cd and 200cd
  • LED (100,000 average life)

Orga can offer a range of steady burning red aeronautical obstruction lights. The lights are available with various luminous intensities in order to meet the requirements of CAP437 (chapter four, section four) as well as our clients.

Marine navigational aid products and regulations for the North Sea

UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) regulations require the use of main, secondary and subsidiary marine lanterns as well as main and secondary foghorns in order to meet the Standard Marking Schedule for offshore installation regulations. Orga lanterns, foghorns and visibility meters comply with these regulations and work in conjunction with a compact microprocessor nav-aids central control panel.

FH800(3)EX foghorn

The FH800(3)EX is a two nautical mile (NM) combined omni-directional main/secondary foghorn. Due to smart technology, two foghorns are integrated into one.

L410EX marine lanterns

The L410EX-R-03 is a 3NM red, morse 'U' LED subsidiary marine lantern.

The L410EX-W-10 is a 10NM white morse 'U' LED secondary marine lantern. In the UK, vessels and platforms must be equipped with a secondary marine lighting system that comes into operation automatically following failure of mains power. This is fed from a UPS supply, as per UK DECC requirements.

The L410EX-W-15 is a 15NM white, morse 'U' LED main marine lantern.

VDX05EX visibility meter

The VDX05EX Orga offshore visibility meter has an automatic on/off control in low visibility. The meter has two fixed output contacts for the automatic control of the lanterns and foghorns. It is made of stainless steel and is provided with self-monitoring functions to ensure long-term installation.

Upcoming exhibitions

Orga will be exhibiting at a number of events over the coming months, including:

  • Winddagen 2016: 15-16 June in Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • WindEnergy Hamburg: 27-30 September in Hamburg, Germany
  • Offshore Energy 2016: 25-26 September in Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • ADIPEC 2016: 7-10 November in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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