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Fiberglass Solutions for Cable Management Systems

For over 55 years, Enduro has been a world leader in the manufacture and development of fiberglass reinforced composites (FRP/GRP).

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For over 55 years, Enduro has been a world leader in the manufacture and development of fiberglass reinforced composites (FRP/GRP). Our electrical division offers a wide range of products, including cable tray, wireway, channel/instrumentation tray, strut and structural supports, instrument stands, and many others. Our manufacturing capability is one of the most diversified within the composites industry and includes multiple pultrusion lines, continuous lamination, compression and resin transfer molding.

These processes provide in-house manufacturing capability for the Enduro cable tray system as well as cost efficiency and the best possible products for our customers. Enduro is ISO 9001 certified.

Fiberglass ladder cable tray

Enduro cable tray has long been the industry standard for high-quality fiberglass cable tray. Made from the highest quality pultruded materials, Enduro ladder tray is tough and resistant to chemical attack. Our non-metallic cable tray has been used in the most corrosive and structurally demanding environments across the globe, including offshore platforms, chemical plants, oil and metal refineries and water treatment plants. Accessories include the channel tray cover, channel cover clamp, and the channel hold down clip.

Channel instrumentation tray

Enduro channel-type instrumentation tray is designed for light loads of individual wiring and pneumatic tubing. It is offered in solid or ventilated construction, and in multiple resin systems. This tray is also highly resistant to corrosion and is used in the most aggressive environments. To ensure a durable and even connection, all straight sections and pre-assembled fittings are pre-drilled to accept flange splice plates.

Enduro’s complete line of cable tray solutions includes straight sections, molded fittings, mitered fittings, fasteners and accessories.

Flanged instrumentation tray

Enduro flanged-type instrumentation tray is ideal for low-voltage or communications cables, including fiber-optic cables, or to support hydraulic or pneumatic tubing. Enduro flanged tray comes in multiple options, including different resin systems, your choice of solid or perforated bottom, and with or without snap-on covers. Perforated cable trays are pre-slotted for ventilation or easy attachment of cables.

Instrument and pushbutton stands

Enduro universal electrical instrument stands are more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel or galvanized electrical instrument stands. In addition, they are lighter and require less time to assemble. Enduro instrument and pushbutton stands are built to any configuration required, including single, double, or triple post, large mounting panel (switch rack/station) type designs, and any mounting plates or accessories required.

Wireway cable protection

Enduro wireway is designed to protect data control, communication and power cables from atmospheric conditions (such as dust, dirt, oil and water) and also to help prevent any unauthorized or accidental tampering. Enduro lay-in-wireway is manufactured by the pultrusion process using special fiberglass composite designs and fire-retardant formulations for superior strength, durability and corrosion resistance. Enduro lay-in wireway is often found in computer, communication, and clean room applications, as well as food processing plants and transportation or subway systems. Enduro wireway carries a Class 1 fire rating in accordance with ASTM Standard E-84.

Strut and structural supports

The Enduro structural support system includes strut/channel framing, a complete line of standard connector plates, pipe clamps, window clamps, swivel clamps, clevis hangers, support racks, post bases, and threaded rod. These cable tray support components can be used in an infinite number of configurations, including the most common trapeze and cantilevered supports. Enduro’s strut and structural supports comply with NEMA VE 2 standards for field installation.

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