With slips, trips and falls accounting for the majority of accidents in the industry, Cablesafe safety hooks offer a simple solution. According to the Health and Safety Executive office in the UK, 25% of industrial accidents are caused by falls that are the result of slipping or tripping. Furthermore, the office reports that 95% of major slips and trips result in broken bones, a statistic that speaks for itself. How can you tackle this rate and become aware of how to make significant safety improvements in your company?

The use of safety hooks remove temporary tripping hazards caused by cables lying on the work floor and reduce the chance damages and accidental spills as a result. Cablesafe intends to ‘tackle’ the safety rate by contributing to a safer and cleaner workplace. The safety hook products make it easy to suspend cables, wires and hoses with a simple, yet effective S-shape. Westmark BV, manufacturer of Cablesafe, has improved the product by changing its design to make the units lighter and stronger. A new 15" hook size is now also on the market. The new, larger sized hook benefits heavy industries by having a wider hook end opening for larger, heavier and thicker cables. Even the thickest heavy water lines can now be hooked-up in a convenient way.

The S-shaped hook is remarkably strong. It can take loads of up to 300 kg (over 660 lbs.) and withstands temperatures between -20°C and 200°C (-4°F to -392°F). Cablesafe safety hooks are now available in four sizes (6", 9", 12" and 15"). The hooks are constructed to be fire retardant, non-conductive and have a high UV resistance ensuring long service lifetime. The hooks can be
re-used for several years, which make them a sustainable product. A strategically placed hole in each end of the hook enables users to secure and fix the cable hook to objects or lines with a cable tie-wrap. The hooks have been extensively tested and comply with all basic required safety regulations.

Cablesafe was developed for the industry with safety as its highest priority. It has also proven its usefulness in the offshore and heavy industries, such as, refineries, chemical plants and shipbuilding. Employees and contractors must abide by their company’s safety procedures by hooking up temporary equipment used for all construction and maintenance work, using these safety hooks for suspension to adjacent decks, railings, stairs, scaffolding and other structures.

Many industries have adopted the product to reduce trip hazards, which in turn promotes good housekeeping. Correctly applied Cablesafe safety hooks reduce installation and decommission time, while improving a company’s or contractor’s safety rating. Several large multinational oil & gas companies therefore require the use of Cablesafe products to conform to its safety and housekeeping procedures.

A ‘glow-in-the-dark’ hook is available to provide visual orientation in case of power outages or other emergency situations. Westmark received an official letter from BP stating that these hooks allowed personnel working in a confined space to leave their working spots safely after an unplanned black-out occurred. On request, the hooks can be manufactured to include a company name and can be ordered in a specific company color.

Cablesafe creates a tidy, structured workplace.