Westmark’s Cablesafe products are used throughout the offshore industry to suspend hoses, cables and other work gear off of floor surfaces and out of harm’s way.

These tools minimise risk of trip and fall injuries, as well as contribute to a tidier and more professional-looking workspace.

an array of cablesafe hooks

Cable Hooks

Cablesafe’s S-shaped hooks are available in four sizes (6in, 9in, 12in and 15in) and can carry loads of up to 190kg. They are also fire retardant, constructed out of non-conductive glass-reinforced polyester and have a very high UV resistance, making them a simple, long-lasting and cost-effective solution.

Hooks can be manufactured in bespoke company-branded and customised colour schemes upon request, as well as glow-in-the-dark variants. Extension tools are also offered as an accessory, which easily allow users to hang the hooks at heights of up to 4m.

cablesafe rail

Cable Rails

Our innovative, patent-protected cable rail system is used for the organisation management of temporary or semi-permanent cables.

Their unique reverse hook arrangement allows cables to be quickly and easily loaded and locked into a row, and held taught between two rails spaced up to five meters apart.

Moulded from a durable Nylon (PA) thermoplastic polymer, Cablesafe rails are strong enough to handle the rigour of use in challenging environments, while providing an economical solution to industrial cable management and safety.

foot on cable guard

Cable Guards

Further cable protection can be achieved by use of our cable guards, which effectively cover up cables and instantly provide a trip-free walkway wire-occupied floor spaces whilst prolonging cable service life.

Available in 2, 3 and 5 channel forms, Cablesafe’s lightweight guards are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and reduce the electrical shock risk that occurs when cables are left exposed to adverse weather conditions.

light hook hanger

Additional cable safety products

Cablesafe’s product range also includes variety of portable, coated steel cable stands and bridges, which instantaneously create passageways through cable-dense floor spaces. These robust solutions are manufactured out of powder-coated steel

Our stands can be placed anywhere without the need for tools, and come in three simple parts: a base, lead grip and a two-lever pole able to extend up to 2.5m. The lead grip can hold up to eight electrical leads and two hoses. Stands weigh approximately 15kg.

Bridges can be extended up to 5m in length, and measure 2.15m height and 2m width as standard, though the company are able to accommodate specialised sized height requirements. Bridges are transported in foldable pack of 2m x 1.5m x 1.2m, with a weight of around 120kg.

Also included in our product catalogue are durable, EU-manufactured cable ties (available in packs of 100, 500 and 1,000) and Cablesafe hook light hangers.

These hangers are designed to be hung from scaffolding, cable trays, ceiling grids and other overhead features, and are Ideal for holding up temporary lighting.