The chairman of the judge-committee of the “Process Innovation Award 2004”, Mr Kerkhoven, former vice president of Shell Global Solutions, has nominated Westmark for its’ unique and simple Safety Hook called Cablesafe which glows’-in-the-dark.

Apart from Westmark there are 3 other companies nominated for this award which will go to the final winner on the 5th of October during the “Industrial Week” at the tradefair in Utrecht.

As argumentation for the nomination the judge-committee concluded as follows:

Phosphorrescent hook Innovation: A clever invention.

It shows that true simplicity can also be innovative!

Economy: Greatly improves safety at low costs Environment: Contributes to increased safety, thus indirectly protecting the invironment

Market value: High

Westmark Simplicity is the mother of invention! A phosphorescent hook for quick, efficient and safe installation of cables in the dark and/or spaces and constructions that are hard to get to is a highly innovative invention.

The innovation is actually charming simplicity in combination with a very wide area of application.

As we said above, the device is primarily intended for use in spaces where cables and hoses, etc hinder work because there is little or no ligth available or ligth cannot be used for safety reasons.

These hooks greatly improve safety at low cost.

Apart from preventive use -makingcables and hoses safe, clear and visible- they can also be used in disaster areas where work involves restoring order in the chaos and making the situation visible.

The immediate impact will not appear in the statistics because there is no clear picture of the numbers of near accidents.

Finally, one point of criticism: the kind of material should not be used unchecked and it should not be allowed to end up in the environment as ‘street waste’ end of quote.