Cablesafe contributes to a safe workplace. It is easy to suspend cables, wires and hoses with the hooks’ simple, effective S-shape. According to the National Dutch Bureau for Statistics, 21% of industrial accidents are caused as a result of falls caused by tripping. Effective use of Cablesafe safety hooks completely removes the occurrence of hazardous working conditions caused by cables lying on floors and reduces the chance of them getting damaged.

Recently Westmark, the developer of Cablesafe, has taken the product further by improving the design. Fol¬lowing the demand from the industry Westmark has added one size: 15in with a wider opening for large cables to complete the range.

Cablesafe was developed for the industry with safety as its highest priority. It has also proven its usefulness for other applications. Now, refineries, chemical plants, shipbuilders and contractors reap the benefits of using safety hooks on decks, stairs, scaffolding and other structures.

The industries adopted the product as a great idea for reducing trip hazards and to promote good housekeeping. The use of the Cablesafe hooks also reduces the time taken to install or decommission temporary power and lighting infrastructures. Many companies demand the use of Cablesafe to conform to safety regulations. Cablesafe is standard safety practice with Shell, Akzo-Nobel, BASF, DOW, DuPont, Eon, ExxonMobile, BP and many others all over the world.

The S-shaped hook is remarkably strong. It can take loads of up to 300kg and withstand temperatures from -20°C up to 200°C (-4°F -392°F). Cablesafe safety hooks are available in four sizes, 6in, 9in, 12in and 15in; the hooks are fire retardant, non-conductive and have very high UV resistance ensuring long service lifetime. The hooks can be re-used many times, together with the new design that uses less material Cablesafe is a very sustain¬able product.

A hole in each end of the hook enables the user to secure and fix the cable hook itself by means of a cable tie wrap – cable hooks are suitable for bundled cables. The hooks have been extensively tested and approved.

Also available are ‘glow-in-the-dark’ hooks that provide extra orientation in case of power black-outs or other emergency situations. On request the hooks are available with company name and in company colour.