Avoid accidents: keep cables and hoses out of harms way during a turnaround. New models available: improved and stronger design. Cablesafe contributes to a safe workplace. It is easy to suspend cables, wires and hoses with the hooks’ simple, effective S-shape.

According to the National Dutch Bureau for Statistics, 21% of industrial accidents are caused as a result of falls caused by tripping. Effective use of Cablesafe safety hooks completely removes the occurrence of hazardous working conditions caused by cables lying on floors and reduces the chance of them getting damaged.

Recently Westmark, the developer of Cablesafe, has taken the product further by improving the design. Following the demand from the industry Westmark has added a new size of 15in, with a wider opening for large cables to complete the range.

With Cablesafe you can create a tidy, structured workplace. That’s safety.

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