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Tranter International

Plate Heat Exchanger Supplier for the Oil & Gas Industry

Head Office and PHE Factory,
Regementsgatan 32,
462 32 Vänersborg,

Head Office and PHE Factory,
Regementsgatan 32,
462 32 Vänersborg,

Tranter lead

Tranter is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE). Tranter provides their customers in the oil and gas industry with a broad range of plate heat exchangers for energy recovery in dehydration, desalting, sweetening, produced water and LNG (Liquefiable Natural Gas) processing systems.

Tranter’s mission is accomplished by a global sales and distribution network that focus exclusively on plate heat exchangers. The gasketed PHE is a cost effective alternative to conventional shell and tube heat exchangers and the all welded PHE is designed for critical (high pressure / temperature) service applications.


Historically the shell and tube heat exchanger has been widely used in oil and gas processing. However the compactness and higher efficiency of the plate heat exchanger makes it a very attractive option. Tranter Ultraflex is a patented plate design that has successfully replaced the shell and tube in a large number of plants.

Tranter’s heat transfer plates are available in corrosion resistant materials such as 316L, 254SMO and Titanium. The plates are being manufactured in Europe (Sweden and Germany), Asia (India and China) and Americas (USA). All factories have ISO 9001 certified quality systems and ASME U-Stamp (U1) certificates.


Gasketed plate heat exchangers are typically used for fluids with a design pressure / temperature up to 25barg / 180°C, such as crude and lubricant oil. A movable cover allows full access to the heat exchanger internal for easy maintenance. The gaskets are available in elastomers such as NBR, EPDM and Viton.

The all welded plate heat exchanger is a relatively new product in the oil and gas industry designed for high pressure / temperature systems. Tranter’s all welded units Supermax and Ultramax are compact and efficient designs suitable to replace the shell and tube exchangers in certain amine applications (TEG, MDEA, MEG) for gas sweetening.

Tranter’s spiral heat exchangers are utilized for a wide variety of applications for process industries. The flexibility of the custom-made tailored design allows the HEs to be used as heaters, coolers, interchangers, condensers and evaporators.


The complex characteristics of the fluids involved in oil and gas processing influence the mechanical and thermal design of the plate heat exchangers. Tranter aims to provide customised solutions that take into account future processing problems such as scaling (fouling), emulsion formation, wax deposition and hydrate formation.

Tranter works closely with Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors to ensure that process parameters are selected to obtain the best performance of the PHE. Tranter’s success has resulted in many installations on Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels and onshore facilities around the world.

Agbami Oilfield

The $3.5bn Agbami oilfield project is one of Nigeria's largest deepwater developments.

Blind Faith Subsea Development

Blind Faith is located in approximately 7,000ft of water at Mississippi Canyon blocks 695 and 696 in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tui, Amokura and Pateke Reserves

Three oil fields - Tui, Amokura and Pateke reserves located in the offshore Taranaki basin, New Zealand - are being deve

Purified Waste Water Converted into District Cooling

Since the mid 1980s, Örebro-based E.ON (formerly Örebro Energi / Sydkraft) has employed a policy of reusing purified waste water. Waste water is pumped from a pumping station in Skebäck up to two heating pumps at the Åbyverket CHP plant, where heat is recovered from the cleane

Safe and Efficient Refrigerating for Exotic Fruits

Tranter International, a world-leader in heat transfer equipment, has recently supplied parts of the refrigerating system for a new distribution centre built by fruit, vegetable and exotics importer Hillfresh International. Tranter has provided and installed an NH3 (ammonia) separator,

Tranter Heat Exchangers Specified by GeoComfort

Tranter, a world-leader in heat transfer equipment, has been contracted to deliver heat exchange components for use on all of GeoComfort standard geothermal products. GeoComfort, the provider of standardised turnkey geothermal energy systems with heat pumps in the range of 30kW to 2,30

Tranter Receives Frost & Sullivan Business Development Strategy Award

The 2009 Frost & Sullivan European Heat Exchanger Business Development Strategy Leadership Award has been awarded to Tranter. The company's high performance, top-quality proprietary products have been used in several industrial and commercial establishments across the world. Tranter offers

Tranter Releases Heat Exchanger Solutions Brochure

The Tranter Group, a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of heat transfer equipment for the oil and gas industry, has released a free white paper on Offshore-Technology. In Tranter's white paper, customers can see the wide range of gasketed, all-welded and spiral

Tranter Solves Offshore Heat Exchange Challenge

Tranter International, a world-leader in heat transfer equipment, has solved an important challenge on a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) facility, Oyo, located in the Oyo field off the shores of Nigeria and operated by Bumi Armada. Despite the high wax point of the c

Sunny Success for Tranter in Spain

Tranter International AB, a world leader in heat transfer equipment, has recently supplied and commissioned plate heat exchanger (PHE) equipment for Europe's largest solar thermal power facility. The PHE performs vital oil cooling for the steam turbine's main bearings, ensuring that this critical

Mammoth District Cooling Scheme from Tranter

Tranter International AB has demonstrated its experience in the field of district cooling projects with the design and delivery of seven impressively large plate heat exchangers (PHE) with a physical height of about five meters each and a total cooling effect of 84MW. The units are currently bein

Tranter Acquires Pressko AG

Tranter, a world leader in gasket and welded heat exchanger products and technology, has announced the acquisition of Pressko, located in Artern, Germany. This acquisition supports the Tranter strategy of acquiring businesses that support its existing businesses in markets with excellent growth p

Leading Plate Heat Exchanger Company Tranter Wins MTU Award

MTU is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers for Diesel Engines. MTU Friedrichshafen (formerly Maybach Motorenwerke) has almost 100 years experience in the developing and manufacturing of diesel engines. Their product range is one of the biggest in the business and their engines co

Tranter Supplies Plate Heat Exchangers to Kizomba A FPSO

Tranter was selected by ExxonMobil to provide the heat exchangers for the Kizomba A project. Tranter PHE supplied gasket-plate heat exchangers for the world's largest Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel installed on the ExxonMobil operated Kizomba A project offshore Angola.<

Tranter Provides Swift Solution for Brazilian FPSO

Gasketed and all-welded heat exchanger units have been supplied for offshore crude oil processing duties on the Marlim Sul FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading unit) by Tranter PHE, one of the world’s leading specialists in the design and manufacture of heat exchange technology.

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