FRIATEC AG Expands its CIM-Technique for FRIALIT® DEGUSSIT® Oxide Ceramics - Offshore Technology | Oil and Gas News and Market Analysis
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FRIATEC AG Expands its CIM-Technique for FRIALIT® DEGUSSIT® Oxide Ceramics

During the last three years, FRIATEC AG has been intensifying the development of its Ceramic Injection Moulding technique for FRIALIT®-DEGUSSIT® oxide ceramics, and has invested in new production and de-binding equipment. A new binding system had to be developed, as the commercial binding systems on the market did not meet the strict requirements of FRIATEC AG. Now the following advantages can be achieved:

  • Easier injection moulding
  • Easier filling of cavity
  • Lower viscosity of the feed-stocks
  • Improved form stability of the green body
  • Pure thermal de-binding process
  • Shorter de-binding times
  • More complex component geometries possible
  • Near net shape forming
  • Highest precision, even without reworking
  • High reproducibility

With these advantages we have expanded our range of shaping technologies. At FRIATEC AG, injection moulding is used very successfully for the following FRIALIT®-DEGUSSIT® materials, which have now been well-proven for decades:

  • F99.7-(Alumina, pure)
  • FZT-(Alumina, toughened with ZrO2)
  • FZM-(Zirconia, Mg-PSZ)
  • FZY-(Zirconia, Y-PSZ)

We manufacture customized components with a wall thickness from 0.5 to 6 mm (the wall thickness is a function of the overall geometry of the component). Because of the investment required in tooling, the technique of injection moulding is only economical if there is either a sufficient quantity of components to produce, or a complicated geometry of the part. The use of this modern injection moulding technique allows more cost-effective production of ceramic components compared with other production methods.

In the injection moulding technique, FRIATEC AG sees a technology-enabling production process, which will lead to new markets, new products and new applications. To intensify this process FRIATEC AG is being engaged as an industry-partner in a BMBF-project for Micro-P-PIM (Micro Precision Powder Injection Moulding).

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