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ROV, Subsea Intervention and Tooling for the Offshore Industry

Subsea 7 Office, Greenwell Base,
Greenwell Road,
AB12 3AX United Kingdom

Subsea 7 Office, Greenwell Base,
Greenwell Road,
AB12 3AX United Kingdom


i-Tech, a division of Subsea 7, is a global leader in the supply of ROV services and intervention solutions in support of the offshore energy market. With its own equipment, personnel and support facilities, i-Tech brings significant capability and know-how. i-Tech can provide both standard or bespoke solutions to meet individual clients offshore subsea engineering needs.

i-Tech brings unparalleled experience and an uncompromising commitment to work with our customers collaboratively to safely meet challenges in all environments.

Global capability

Operating globally, with more than 1,000 highly skilled personnel and 100 work-class ROVs, i-Tech support our customers operations in every imaginable environment from sub-arctic conditions Norway to ultra-deepwater in offshore Brazil.

Although its equipment pool and management team forms an autonomous division, i-Tech can draw upon the resources of the wider Subsea 7. This allows us to increase the scope of our offering in support of our customers.

Centurion SP – market-leading technology

With our new flagship Centurion SP, i-Tech delivers a combination of low-weight, high-horsepower, deep rated ROV system which leads the market.

The Centurion SP is the latest version of our exclusive and highly successful Centurion series of ROV systems which have evolved over more than three decades of global ROV operations. The Centurion SP, as with all of our vehicles, can easily integrate to any of i-Tech’s subsea intervention systems. As with any i-Tech ROV system, it is offered with a range of launch options, including installation-specific which are engineered in-house.

Delivering assured subsea intervention

i-Tech design, build, operate and maintain a globally available pool of intervention tooling solutions, many of which have become industry standards. In addition, i-Tech has the ability to respond to our customer’s individual needs for unplanned subsea intervention requirements. Through engagement and collaboration, we believe the optimal bespoke solution can be developed and ultimately delivered.

With a global network of support bases supplying fully specialised engineering and project management services, i-Tech is committed to providing world-leading subsea intervention technology.

i-Tech- experience in depth

Through our people, technology and vision, i-Tech offers a proven capability to suit our customer’s needs. This is underpinned by our global footprint, cost-efficient method of project execution and supported by a strongly collaborative approach which always seeks to provide an optimal solution.

Bespoke Intervention Tooling Solutions

In addition to an extensive pool of intervention tooling solutions which have become industry standards, i-Tech offers the ability to deliver bespoke engineered solutions to unplanned subsea intervention problems.

Centurion HD Work Class ROV

The Centurion HD evolved from the wellknown Centurion Work Class ROV, building on technology and expertise gained from decades of operations in the harsh environments of the North Sea.

Centurion SL Work Class ROV

The Centurion SL combines the reliability and established North Sea track record of the Centurion HD with the latest innovations in vehicle control systems as found in the class-leading Centurion SP.

Centurion SP Work Class ROV

The Centurion SP is the latest evolution of i-Tech's highly successful Centurion Work Class ROV series. It has been specifically designed to service ultra deepwater drilling projects particularly in high current locations.

Heavy Weather Launch Systems

A heavy weather launch system provides additional stability and support against wind and waves during the launch and recovery of an ROV system.

Mission Planning

Using the most advanced real-time simulation software available, i-Tech can re-create precise virtual models of subsea fields to facilitate infrastructure design, installation and maintenance.

Seaeye Lynx Observation-Class ROV

The Seaeye Lynx is widely considered the leading observation and inspection-class ROV in the oil and gas industry, with excellent handling and maneuverability even in strong currents and harsh conditions.

Subsea Intervention Tooling Solutions

i-Tech designs, builds, operates and maintains an exclusive, globally available pool of intervention tooling solutions to solve a variety of challenges.

System Integration

i-Tech's System Integration Testing (SIT) provides the opportunity to ensure prior to mobilisation that ROVs and associated tooling are compatible with the controls and subsea structures which will be encountered during the contracted workscope.


Subsea 7 Office, Greenwell Base

Greenwell Road


AB12 3AX

United Kingdom