Crane around the leg (CAL)

The Liebherr offshore crane CAL is designed especially for installation as a crane around the leg on jack-up vessels and enables a rotation of at least 460°. It is deployed primarily for heavy lift construction and maintenance work. The special design as crane around the leg, it facilitates space-saving positioning on the ship despite the size of the crane. The parallel jib makes it possible to park the over one of the ship’s front legs. Positioning the crane in this way prevents blocking of the free area on deck, which can be used to load the ship.

At a maximum of 1,700t, the enormous lifting capacity of the crane facilitates the installation of turbines and rotors with more than 5MW, as well as loading and subsequent installation of heaviest foundations. Another area of use for the CAL is in setting-up equipment for oil and gas extraction. In this case, the crane can be used to build and dismantle platforms or other constructions.


  • Overturning moment: from 45,000tm to 64,000tm
  • Main hoist capacity: from 1,200t to 1,700t
  • Boom length: up to 108m
  • Slewing range: 460° and over
  • Drive system: Electro-hydraulic