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ELA-Container - Temporary Living Quarters for Vessels and Mobile Space Systems

ELA, a family-owned company in Emsland, Germany, has been continuously developing container technology and the rent and sale of mobile spaces since 1972. The company now employs around 350 people based throughout Europe and Middle East. The fleet of 50 specially equipped lorries with loading cranes delivers to customers all over Europe.

Basically, ELA containers are used on and offshore for mobile office, residential, relaxation, sanitation and storage purposes. The mobile ELA facilities are installed in a very short time, and are generally ready for use on the same day. Fife support points in Germany, and a total of ten rental centers across Europe and the Middle East guarantee rapid delivery.

ELA offshore living quarters- live where you work

The ELA offshore living quarter, measuring 6,058mm x 2,438mm x 2,895mm, offers a mobile room for two or four persons with a shared sanitary unit in a 20ft ISO-Norm high cube container. It is stackable and easily extendable by a modular system. The living quarter can quickly be combined with all other ELA offshore purpose rooms. The container is applicable in all oil and gas disciplines both on- and offshore such as installations on land, platforms, pipelaying and jackup vessels.

ELA offshore living quarters are separated into two living rooms, each is furnished with a Pullman-bed (or bunk beds), desk and chair, wardrobe / locker, electrical sockets, lights, fire extinguisher, loudspeaker, smoke detector and a HVAC-system. Optional every room can be equipped with LAN, TV-connection and Flatscreen.

The sanitary unit consists of a toilet, shower, washbasin, mirror, lighting and sockets.

ELA offshore multipurpose rooms- work where you live

ELA offshore purpose rooms come in the same dimensions as the living quarter modules and are multifunctional, mobile rooms for all purposes, including,

  • Fully equipped workspaces
  • Storage rooms
  • Galleys
  • Dining rooms
  • Dressing rooms
  • Laundries
  • Sanitary rooms
  • Electrical and generator rooms

They are stackable and easily extendable by a modular system. They can quickly be combined with all other ELA offshore multipurpose rooms.

Certified ELA offshore modules

All ELA offshore containers are GL (Germanischer Lloyd) certified and obtained DNV 2.7-1/ EN12079-1 as well as a CSC certification.

Realised offshore project: Blue Giant (CombiDock II)

Over the last year the ocean vessel Blue Giant (CombiDock II) has been in action in the Gulf of Mexico, and the crew's quarters on-board the ship are ELA containers from Haren (Ems, Germany). About 200 seamen live, eat and sleep in the 54 containers. The mobile space system provides sleeping quarters, dressing, dining and recreation rooms, as well as a fully equipped galley.

Fireproof stairways, automatic climate control, electronic monitoring systems and evacuation plans ensure safety on-board the ship. The friendly and comfortable interior has been created with modern fittings from ELA's furniture pool.

Mobile space system for the Blue Giant

Object: roll-on / roll-off ship

Current charter: open sea / Gulf of Mexico

Concept: adaptable positioning of crew quarters for the current charter, for which approximately 200 additional fitters will be required; dismantling for a subsequent charter that may not require the additional fitters
Realisation: mobile space solutions by ELA; container module 1 on the main deck (ship's hulk), container module 2 on the upper deck (hatch cover)

Storeys: three per container module

Fixture to the deck / hatch cover: via container corners and quick-ties (tight-fitting twist locks) that can be released when required

Facilities per module (for approximately 100 persons):

  • Dining rooms
  • Recreations rooms
  • Changing rooms
  • Sleeping quarters for two, three and four persons
  • Showers and WC rooms
  • Galley

Classification society: GL (Germanischer Lloyd)

Required materials (interior):

  • Insulation AGO (A1)
  • Walls, ceilings and floors from the sea cruises sector
  • Full air conditioning system
  • Electrical installations including emergency system
  • Fire protection system

Required materials (exterior):

  • Suitably thick crimped steel plate, sand-blasted, primed and with a 240my coat of paint
  • Portholes with 12mm-thick safety glass

Construction time: three months

Contact Details

ELA-Container Offshore GmbH
Zeppelinstrasse 19-21
49733 Haren (Ems)
Tel: +49 5932 506 506
Fax: +49 5932 506 10

ELA offshore living quarter- live where you work.
ELA offshore living quarters offer a mobile room for two or four persons, and includes a shared sanitary unit.
The sanitary unit consists of a toilet, shower, washbasin, mirror, lighting and sockets.
Each living room is fully furnished for one or two persons.
About 200 crew members deployed in the Gulf of Mexico live, sleep and eat in the container complex on board of the ship Blue Giant.
Three of the six-storied crew quarters are above deck and have a clear view across the oceans.
A special pontoon crane was required to hoist the individual modules of the ELA space system on to the ship.
The roll-on / roll-off ship is especially equipped for offshore use.
The canteen in the ELA space system caters for approximately 200 crew members.
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