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Reservoir Management and Production Optimization

Roxar, a business unit of Emerson Process Management, is a leading international technology solutions provider covering the entire reservoir optimization value chain. Roxar's objectives are to help oil and gas operators increase recovery from their reservoirs, reduce uncertainty, and make improved field management decisions.

Combining its 3D reservoir geological modelling and simulation software with its broad range of topside, subsea and downhole metering and monitoring instrumentation, Roxar provides reservoir management solutions from seismic interpretation and modelling through to production optimisation.

The result is that operators generate clearer pictures of the subsurface, are able to monitor production continuously, and can use up to date, accurate and insightful reservoir information when making operational field management decisions.

Roxar is a truly international company with a network of offices in all the major oil and gas producing countries in the world.

Topside and surface meters and monitors

The Roxar topside / surface products portfolio includes:

  • Multiphase meter 1900VI
  • Multiphase meter 2600
  • Pig detector
  • Sand monitor
  • Watercut meter
  • Wetgas meter
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Sand erosion sensors
  • Field signature method (FSM)

Online corrosion monitoring systems, sand monitoring and FSM system installations

Although Roxar initially started as a corrosion engineering and cathodic protection inspection company, we have been in the market as a state-of-the-art provider of on-line corrosion monitoring systems since the early 80s, followed by the first non-intrusive FSM system installations and sand monitoring system installations in 1991.

In 1993, Roxar installed its first multiphase meter and established itself as the pioneer in the metering industry. The same year, its watercut meter was introduced on the market and joined the success as one of many products to be a part of Roxar.

Subsea products

Roxar's range of subsea products includes:

  • Subsea multiphase meter
  • Subsea pig detector
  • Subsea sand monitor
  • Subsea wetgas meter
  • Subsea field signature method (FSM)
  • Subsea pressure and temperature sensors
  • Subsea sand erosion sensors
  • Subsea corrosion monitoring
  • Roxar subsea chemical injection valve (High-Flow)
  • Roxar subsea ROV retrieval system

Roxar offers meters with 100% true redundancy and simple, cost-effective intervention methods if needed. Another key focus for our design team has been weight reduction. Our multiphase and wetgas meters typically weigh 500kg to 900kg.

Subsea multiphase meter, wetgas meter and sand monitors

The challenge in subsea wells is the lack of reservoir information, compared with topside developments. The Roxar subsea multiphase meter, subsea wetgas meter and subsea sand monitors enable operators to close this gap significantly. The cost reduction and revenue optimisation associated with continuous well monitoring is phenomenal, compared with laying test lines subsea or well intervention.

ROV retrieval system

Roxar's new ROV retrieval system is the first ROV solution that can individually retrieve subsea sensors and transmitters (measuring temperature, pressure, sand erosion or corrosion, for example) on trees, manifolds and process systems during production. It will lead to increased productivity for operators in the areas of subsea instrument availability and reliability, reduced costs and increased asset performance, and optimum safety and environmental protection.

Downhole products

Roxar's range of downhole products includes:

  • Roxar downhole HM gauge system
  • Roxar downhole HS gauge system
  • Roxar downhole polymer cable protector
  • Roxar downhole stainless-steel clamps
  • Roxar wellhead outlet
  • Roxar surface acquisition unit (SAU)
  • Roxar IWIS canister
  • Roxar downhole network controller card
  • Roxar downhole cable
  • Roxar downhole instrument carrier
  • Roxar downhole sleeve

Roxar offers downhole gauges for standard well monitoring as well as high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) reservoir conditions.

Permanent downhole monitoring system (PDMS)

Roxar's permanent downhole monitoring system (PDMS) is deployed in production, injection, observation wells, and also in conjunction with instrumentation of multi-zone intelligent wells.

It provides reliable real-time access to downhole instrumentation from any location, improving reservoir management, well planning and resource exploitation.

Well monitoring

The Roxar downhole HM gauge is designed for permanent installation downhole in oil and gas reservoirs. The gauge continuously transmits digitised pressure and temperature data to the surface, where data is acquired, processed and distributed to users via standalone and / or distributed information systems.

Tools for reservoir visualisation, analysis, field monitoring, data collection and storage

In addition, we offer the Roxar Fieldwatch, the standard operator interface software for all our instrumentation, providing state-of-the-art monitoring and analysis, giving the operator a complete picture of the reservoir. The Roxar Fieldwatch software is designed to work with singular or multiple Roxar meters, sensors and gauges. When combining the Roxar Fieldwatch basic and instrument modules with specialised modules for flow assurance and production optimisation, it becomes a specialised field monitoring system giving the operator full control over the flow conditions, and turns data overflow into valuable decision-making information and expert guidance.

Meter services

The main goal of Roxar's metering customer service organisation is to fulfil the customer's requirement regarding service and support. We will ensure our customers' investments over time, and ensure that the equipment yields the expected capacity and performance during the lifetime of the delivered metering product.

The service offering includes:

  • On-site services
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Spare parts management
  • Remote technical support
  • Data analysis and monitoring solutions
  • Corrosion and erosion services
  • Training

Roxar's goal is to provide our customers with tools that enable them to utilise the full potential of their investment in intelligent instrumentation.

In May 2009 Roxar became part of Emerson Process Management, adding subsea reservoir management and production optimisation for global upstream exploration and production (E&P) customers.

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