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Parker Hannifin Corporation is the world's leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control systems and technologies. Parker Twin Filter, a unique brand within the Parker company, designs, engineers and manufactures a full range of filtration equipment and consumables for the oil and gas, chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, sulphur, amine and food and drinks industries.

In addition to filtration, Parker offers many other products for the oil and gas industry, such as instrumentation, hoses and connectors. On top of this, Parker's dedicated global oil and gas team, led by Parker Twin Filter's corporate office, ensures the company can consistently meet the changing needs of the industry. With 25 years of experience in filtration, the company has refined the quality of its environment, working conditions and the organisation itself. This dedication led to the company receiving the ISO certificates 9001 and 14001 and the VCA certificate for its Parker Twin Filter internal quality care system.

Proud of its great teamwork and enthusiasm, Parker Twin Filter hires highly qualified and experienced engineers that can provide assistance in areas such as problem solving, commissioning, project engineering and sample analyses. The company continuously strives to improve products and develop new solutions for its customers.

Completion fluids filtration

Clean completion fluids are essential to maximise the productivity of the producing reservoir. Dirt particles in completion fluids have major effects on permeability. This can result in significant reductions in oil production and the lifetime of the producing well. Using the correct selection of filtration equipment and consumables will provide cleaner completion fluids. Diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration is an effective method for filtration of oilfield brines. The company's filter press, in combination with the Duplex Cartridge filter unit or Vertical Pressure Leaf filter unit, offers an excellent solution.

Frac fluids filtration

The water that flows back from the fracking process (flow back water) is a mixture of fracking fluid and formation water. To reuse this water, it needs to be cleaned of chemicals and rock debris. For filtration before and after fracking, Parker Twin Filter offers a complete delivery programme. When the chemistry of the water coming from the well resembles the rock formation rather than the fracking fluid, we speak of produced water.

Wastewater treatment

Emulsified water does not easily separate. Parker Twin Filter's last innovation TwinZapp does not require any consumables (chemicals or absorption cartridges) and no specialist attention to treat chemically emulsified water. The mobility of the system makes it possible for use on specific work-over projects (foam jobs) or platforms and production sites. For temporarily troublesome production water, Parker Twin Filter also offers a rental unit.

Well testing

To avoid clogging and erosion of downstream equipment a wellhead sand catcher can be added to the filtration process. This removes sand and other solid particles from well effluent. When needed, the unit should be located after the well and upstream of the three-phase separator.

The sand filter can be offered as a skid-mounted unit, including frame, platform, lifting device (davit), valves, instruments and interconnecting piping with bypass and drain.

Produced water and wastewater treatment

As water is present in all hydrocarbon-bearing rock strata, produced water is by far the largest waste stream associated with oil and gas production. The water-to-oil ratio of a conventional oil or gas well increases over life. In many cases, optimisation requires re-injection of water. The pro¬duced water can include a mixture of hydrocarbons and solids such as sand or silt, but it can also contain fluids and additives from exploration and production activities. Parker Twin Filter provides solutions for produced water processes within all three treatment stages and offers technologies that meet the most stringent discharge requirements for onshore and offshore.

Water injection

Water injection is used to increase pressure into an oil well and therefore enlarge the amount of oil recovery from that well. Normally, up to 30% of the maximum oil quantity in a reservoir is extracted, but water injection increases that percentage to up to 51%. You can find water injection wells both onshore and offshore.

Rental equipment / services

A full range of equipment is available for rental, including VPL units, filter presses, Duplex Cartridge filter units, single vessels, automatic self-cleaning strainers and the TwinZapp.

Parker Hannifin operates on a global scale through a network of more than 50 customer service centres. This guarantees immediate customer service all over the world and a local representative in most countries.

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