Parker Twin Filter Emulsified Water Separation and Filtration Equipment

Parker Twin Filter supplies complete skid-mounted systems and a wide range of consumables for fluid filtration applications.

Wastewater treatment technology

Converted wastewater can either be re-used or safely returned to sea, though disposing it can be difficult and expensive.

Parker Twin Filter has developed TwinZapp, a new field-tested technology that treats chemically emulsified water. The mobility of the system makes it suitable for specific workover projects (foam jobs), and platforms and production sites with most types of troublesome production water.

Completion fluids filtration units

Clean completion fluids are essential to maximise the productivity of the producing reservoir. Dirt particles have major effects on the permeability of the reservoir, improving the oil production and prolonging the service life of the well.

Clean completion fluids can only be obtained by using the appropriate filtration equipment and consumables. The most effective way to filter oilfield brines is diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration.

Parker Twin Filter’s vertical pressure leaf filter unit and filter press, in combination with a dual vessel cartridge filter, provide the ideal solution.

Frac fluids filtration processes

A well-stimulation technique, hydraulic fracturing is where rock is broken up by a liquid. This involves the high-pressure injection of ‘fracking fluid’ into a wellbore to create cracks in the deep-rock formations where brine, petroleum and natural gas will flow more freely.

When the hydraulic pressure is removed from the well, small particles of hydraulic fracturing proppants such as sand or aluminium oxide hold the fractures open.

Water that flows back from the fracturing process, also known as flow back water, is a combination of fracking fluid and formation water. To reuse this to frac additional wells, it should be free of chemicals and rock debris.

Parker Twin Filter has a complete delivery program to filter the water before and after the fracking process.

Well control

Well control is needed during the construction of an oil and gas well and subsequent operation.

Well control protects downstream equipment from uncontrolled hydrocarbon releases of during oil and gas operations.

Parker Twin Filter provides a well head sand filter that is designed to remove hydrocarbons, sand and other solid particles from well sewage.

Produced water treatment

Produced hydrocarbons are brought to the surface as a fluid mixture, which depends on whether crude oil or natural gas is being created.

Fluid mixtures generally comprises either liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons, salts, metals, radon nuclides and/or production chemicals. Most produced water is injected underground, either for maintaining field pressure or disposal.

Water production at conventional oil and gas wells typically increases over time. Treated produced water has the potential to be a valuable product rather than a waste.

Parker Twin Filter offers different packages depending on the client’s application to excellently treat produced water.

Water injection to optimise oil production

Water injection is a method used it the oil industry where water is injected into the existing reservoir to increase pressure and maximise the oil production.

To prevent damage to the reservoir and the injection equipment, the injected water needs to be free of solids.

In many situations, the most convenient fluids for injection are seawater or produced water from the well. Once at the surface, the used water must be cleaned again before reinjection (or discharge).

Pipeline flushing

Routine filtration and high-flow flushing key preventive maintenance measures for all rotational equipment, new and used systems. The damaging effects of particulate contamination can cause premature component wear and failure.

One method of ensuring optimal system cleanliness is periodic flushing. Turbulent flow can be achieved by circulating a flushing fluid at a very high flow rate, which dislodges particles that would otherwise stick to the walls during laminar flow.

These particles are subsequently removed from the piping as the fluid flows through a series of high-efficiency filter elements.

Parker has state-of-the-art, high-flow filtration equipment that will do the job with minimal downtime

Rental filtration equipment and services

A full range of equipment is available for rental, including TwinZapp systems (emulsified water breaker), vertical pressure leaf units, filter presses and dual vessel cartridge units.

Parker has a worldwide network of more than 50 customer service centres, guaranteeing immediate customer service and a local representative in most countries.

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Press Release

Twin Filter Expands its Business in the US

As of 31 March, Twin Filter officially merged with Velcon Filters. Velcon Filters, headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, is a portfolio company within The Sterling Group and was acquired in 2009 as a platform to execute a buy-and-build strategy. Velcon manufactures filtration systems, including

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White Papers

TwinZapp: Treating Oil in Water (OIW) Emulsions for Discharge to Sea

The increasing water cut in mature fields and tightening regulations are the main drivers for the growing challenge of treating oil in water emulsions.

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Products and Services

Dual Vessel Cartridge / Bag Filter Unit (TDW)

Parker's dual vessel cartridge / bag filter unit (TDW) is the most commonly used cartridge filter unit in the oil field sector.

Heavy-Duty Filter Press

Parker Twin Filter offers heavy-duty filter presses for onshore and offshore applications.

MaxGuard & MaxGuard High Flow+

Parker Twin Filter's absolute-rated, high-flow cartridges are designed for easy operation while increasing productivity when compared with conventional filter formats.

Oilblock and Oilclog Oil Removal Cartridges

Parker Twin Filter's Oilblock absorption cartridges are suitable for high-efficiency removal of free dispersed oils from water.

Pleatflow (TH) Cartridges

Contaminants in well injection fluids can lead to formation blockage and ultimately decrease the productivity. Pleatflow (TH) cartridges will reliably and effectively resolve these issues.

Slurry Skid

A slurry skid is required to operate a filter press. There are two options available; a single or a double unit.

Texflow Depth Filter Cartridges

Texflow precision wound, depth filter cartridges provide high levels of dirt holding capacity, coupled with low pressure loss and high flow rates.

TwinZapp Wastewater Treatment

TwinZapp separates (chemical) emulsions by breaking emulsions through electro-oxidation, resulting in 40%-50% reduction of dissolved fraction (BTEX).

Vertical Pressure Leaf Unit

Parker Twin Filter's vertical pressure leaf diatomaceous earth filter unit handles large filtration areas and successfully filters fluids with a high dirt load, even at a high flow rate.


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The Valhall field was discovered in 1975 and came online in 1982. It is operated by BP, which holds a 35.95% interest, while the remaining 64.05% interest is held by Hess Norge.

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The original Ekofisk area development consisted of eight oil and gas fields, namely Cod, Ekofisk, West Ekofisk, Tor, Albuskjell, Eldfisk, Edda and Embla.

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Alvheim Field, Norway

The Alvheim field lies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, west of Heimdal, in production licence PL 203.

27 January 2005

West Seno, Makassar Strait

Lying in water depths of 2,400ft to 3,400ft, the West Seno field is Indonesia's first deepwater development. It lies in

30 June 2004

Buzzard Field

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Barracuda and Caratinga Fields

The Barracuda and Caratinga fields lie 160km east of Macae in block BC-50B, offshore Brazil.

4 March 2002

Kizomba Offshore Field Deepwater Project

Kizomba field lies in block 15 offshore Angola, marking one of the first tranches of deepwater acreage offered by the Angolan Government.

9 July 2001

Scarab and Saffron Gas Fields

The Scarab and Saffron gas fields represent the first deepwater development to be undertaken in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Kristin Deepwater Project

The Kristin field is located in the south-west part of the Halten Bank in the Norwegian Sea.

Langsa Oil Pool, Straits of Malacca

The Langsa Offshore Technical Assistance Contract (TAC) is located in the offshore part of the North Sumatra Basin in the Straits of Malacca.

Mikkel Deepwater Project

The Mikkel deepwater project is situated at a water depth of 220m on Halten Bank East in the Norwegian Sea.

8 July 2001

Caister Murdoch Phase 3

Conoco planned to embark on the third stage of the development of its Caister Murdoch System (CMS) following the successful completion of a well in March 2001.

3 July 2001

Roncador Oil Rig and Gas Field Project

In March 2001, the P-36, which was stationed over the Roncador field, sank after three explosions left 11 workers dead.

20 March 2001

Espadarte Oil and Gas Field Project

Espadarte is located in the Campos Basin, off the shore of Brazil.

10 January 2001

Brigantine Gas Field Project, North Sea Southern

Brigantine is a cluster of three fields (A, B and C), located offshore North Norfolk, 110km north-north-east (NNE) of Bacton.

23 November 2000

Ormen Lange Gas Field Project, North Sea Northern

The Ormen Lange field is located in the Norwegian Sea, approximately 140km west of Kristiansund, Norway.

Oseberg Sør Oil and Gas Field Project

The Oseberg Sør field was discovered in 1984, when Norsk Hydro drilled well 30/9-3.

13 November 2000

Vixen Gas Field Project, North Sea Southern

Vixen is wholly located in block 49/17a, licence P033 in the southern North Sea, approximately 135km (84 miles) off the Lincolnshire coast in the UK.

18 September 2000


Glitne lies in block 15/5 and 15/6 in the Sleipner area of the Norwegian sector of the North Sea about 40km north-west of the Sleipner East development.

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6 June 2000

Sakhalin Energy Oil and Gas Field Project

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Marlim Sul Oil and Gas Field Project

South Marlim was discovered in November 1987 by the wildcat well 4-RJS-382.

17 May 2000

Norsk Hydro oilfield project, North Sea Northern

The Njord field is situated on Haltenbanken, in blocks 6407/7 and 6407/10, 130km north of Kristiansund and 30km west of the Draugen field.

Norne, North Sea Northern, Statoil oilfield project

Hydrocarbons in the Norne field are located in the Lower to Middle Jurassic sandstones, which are of a good reservoir quality.

Jotun Oil and Gas Field Project

The Jotun field is located on the Utsira High, between the Balder and Heimdal fields, approximately 200km west of Stavanger, Norway.

16 May 2000

South Arne Oil and Gas Project, Danish North Sea

South Arne is located in the Danish sector of the North Sea, in block DK 5604/29.

Troll West Oil and Gas Field Project

Troll is primarily a gas field, one of the biggest in the North Sea, holding 60% of Norway’s gas reserves.

Visund Oil Field Project, North Sea Northern

Visund was developed using a semi-submersible steel drilling, production and quarters platform, connected to a subsea completion system.

Phase II of the Ekpe field development project

The Ekpe gas compression platform is located in a water depth of 50m.

Brass Exploration Moni Pulo Oil and Gas Field Project

Abana lies on Block OML 114, at the mouth of the Calabar River in Nigeria, in water 4.8m deep (7.6m deep at high tide).

15 May 2000

Alba Phase II, North Sea Northern Project

Alba is located in block 16 / 26, 130 miles north-east of Aberdeen. The field lies in a water depth of approximately 138

Åsgard North Sea Northern, Statoil oilfield project

The Åsgard oilfield lies on the Haltenbank in the Norwegian Sea, 200km from Norway and 50km south of Statoil's Heidrun field.

Balder Oil and Gas Field Project, Norway

Balder is located in blocks 25 / 10 and 25 / 11, 165km west of Haugesund, in a water depth of 125m. The field was discovered in 1967, but it was only during the appraisal drilling in 1974 that the major part of the field was discovered.

Banff Oil Field Project, North Sea Central

The Banff field lies 25km south east of the Gannet accumulations in the Central North Sea, 200km east of Aberdeen, UK.

Boulton Gas Field Project, North Sea Southern

Conoco brought its marginal Boulton field on-stream using the innovative SeaHarvester development concept.

Conoco and Chevron gas field project

The Britannia field, discovered in the mid 1970s, is the first in the UK sector of the North Sea to be operated jointly

Bruce Phase II North Sea Northern

The Bruce field was originally developed under phase I, using two bridge-linked platforms, both connected to the main 32in Frigg trunkline by a 6km, 32in-diameter gas-export pipeline taking gas to the St Fergus Terminal.

Girassol FPSO, Luanda

Girassol is located about 210km north-northwest of Luanda, Angola. It lies in 1,350m of water and has been developed using a subsea facility tied back to an FPSO.

Gullfaks oil field project, North Sea Northern

Gullfaks South, Rimfaks and Gullveig lie in block 34 / 10, in a water depth of 135m. The Gullfaks Satellites produces ar

Schiehallion Oil Field Project

Schiehallion was discovered in 1993, with the semi-submersible drilling rig Ocean Alliance, whilst it was exploring the

Statoil and BP oilfield project

The Shah Deniz oilfield lies between Mobil's Oquz, Chevron's Asheron and Exxon's Nakhchiuan fields. Its name is transla

Press Release

16 August 2015

The Parker Twin Filter TDW Unit - Dual Vessel Cartridge/Bag Filter Unit - is the most commonly used cartridge and/or bag filter unit in the oilfield industry.

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10 August 2015

The increasing water cut in mature fields and tightening regulations are the main drivers for the growing challenge of treating oil in water emulsions. In addition, the industry is creating more emulsions in novel applications such as fracing, well deliquification and alkali surfactant polymer water as used in enhanced oil recovery.

Read more
23 October 2014

Guarantee overboard discharge quality and potentially increase gas production volumes using the new TwinZapp oil and water emulsion separation technology.

Read more
8 September 2014

Parker Twin Filter will be attending the Rio Oil and Gas Expo and Conference.

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24 April 2013

Parker Twin Filter will participate at the OTC for the 6th time this year. We kindly invite you to visit us and discuss our products and latest technologies at booth number 8804.

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24 April 2013

On 2012, Twin filter became part of Parker domnick hunter, a division of Parker Hannifin Corporation. Parker Hannifin has a strong strategic focus on the oil and gas industry, and through the addition of Twin filter will become a global leader in the industry.

Read more
3 September 2012

Twin Filter has been awarded a contract by GS E&C in Seoul, South Korea, for the supply of two nutshell filter packages.

Read more
26 July 2012

Twin Filter will be exhibiting at Gastech London 8-11 October. Come visit booth C116 to see the company's latest innovations, as well as coalescers and filter cartridges from our partner, Velcon Filters LLC.

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26 July 2012

The last separation step for emulsified water is now possible without consumables and without the need for specialised personnel. Reliably polishing waste water to below discharge limits now comes as a robust, skid-mounted solution.

Read more
1 June 2011

As of 31 March, Twin Filter officially merged with Velcon Filters. Velcon Filters, headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, is a portfolio company within The Sterling Group and was acquired in 2009 as a platform to execute a buy-and-build strategy. Velcon manufactures filtration systems, including

Read more
29 March 2011

The Offshore Technology Conference recognises innovative technologies each year with the Spotlight on New Technology Award. The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has announced 15 technologies that will receive the 2011 Spotlight on New Technology Awards recognizing innovative new pr

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8 February 2011

From the 21-24 March the Gastech exhibition will be held in the Amsterdam Rai. This is the 25th edition of the Gastech exhibition, and Twin Filter will be present. Twin Filter designs and manufactures a wide range of filtration equipment and consumables for the offshore industry. The c

Read more
30 September 2010

The third edition of the Offshore Energy exhibition and conference will be held on 7 October in Den Helder, the Netherlands. Twin Filter is participating at this exhibition. You can find us at booth number 33.

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23 June 2010

Twin Filter has extended its product range with the dynamic centrifugal coalescer, which improves the performance of produced water separation systems. The size of oil droplets is very crucial in any oil water separation system. We developed a non-plugging dynamic centrifugal coalescer

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27 April 2010

After 25 successful years in the oil and gas industry we are specialised in filtration and water treatment equipment and consumables, such as completion fluids filtration, water injection, produced water, gas filtration, refinery applications, and drinking water systems. Our products and solution

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21 April 2010

Twin Filter will supply a complete drinking water unit, built into a 40ft container, to port-based company K5 Oilcentre in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea). At this moment, K5 Oilcentre provides bottled water to several oil platforms. With the new drinking water unit it is possible to produce 4000

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22 June 2009

The first units have now been manufactured at Twin Filter's facilities in Brazil. To provide a better service to customers in Brazil and Latin America, Twin Filter (The Netherlands) founded Twin Filter do Brasil in 2004. We started importing consumables from the Netherlands to sell locally to ou

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20 April 2009

Twin Filter is proud to announce it has complemented its scope of supply for its completion fluids filtration solutions. For more than 20 years Twin Filter has been supplying filtration equipment such as vertical pressure leafs, filter presses, duplex cartridge filter units, pumps and f

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